The Twisted EV is Turning Electric Dreams into a Reality

Twisted Automotive Electric EV Project

For many people, an all-electric Land Rover was nothing more than a distant dream, but now this is becoming a reality thanks to the Twisted EV Project.

For those who said, “an electric Defender, it’ll never happen”, now is the time to eat your words. Twisted Automotive in partnership with Dutch company Plower is putting a new spark into the British motoring icon.

Under the name of the Twisted EV Project, the bespoke builder will be offering the all-electric option across its entire range of Land Rover and Defender vehicles.

Tom Maxwell Twisted Automotive

Tom Maxwell, CEO of Twisted’s NA, MENA and EV arms, said: “Having established a reputation as the authority on the Defender, we are excited to announce our latest exciting project, which will add a superb new dimension to a treasured British icon.

“This is not a project we have rushed in to, as it was absolutely crucial to us that it’s done right, without compromising the performance, integrity and symbolism of the original Twisted. We’re extremely pleased with the result and relishing the opportunity to share it with our customers.”

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The Twisted EV range includes favourites such as the 90, 110 and 130 and the vehicles are said to be capable of more than 200 miles on a single charge without any impact to on or off-road performance. The electric vehicles are capable of producing 320 bhp and 460NM while still retaining the vehicle renowned high and low range 4WD options.

The person heading the Twisted EV project is Gareth Hamer who honed his electric skills converting classic cars before Ecotec Partners acquired his previous company.

He said: “I’m really excited to have the ability to bring EV ownership to users of a classic British vehicle. Our solution is completely engineered from the ground up using the highest quality new automotive components. The system is ready to be deployed at scale internationally and is very different from the ‘home-brew’ style of electrification.”

Twisted EV electric engine

The vehicles will be sold internationally, and US customers will be benefitting from a limited edition ‘California’ series. What’s also piqued my interest is Twisted is stating they can also convert existing Defenders. This process takes around two weeks from start to finish and is performed at their specialist factory in Bristol, so no one needs to feel left out.

Philip Ploegmakers, the founder of Plower, commented: “With this partnership, we have created a powerful and unique combination which adds the iconic Twisted Land Rover Defender range and the specialist electrification knowledge of Plower to get the best out of both.”

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The Twisted EV is Turning Electric Dreams into a Reality 2


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