Getting Physical At Ultimate Performance (U.P.) Kensington

Getting Physical At Ultimate Performance (U.P.) Kensington

We go inside Ultimate Performance, the gym that’s changing bodies and lives with science.

Over the past few years, the idea of transforming our physiques has become increasingly popular.

With the likes of Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach) and other Insta-famous trainers launching easy-to-follow plans designed to transform your body in 12 weeks, achieving that dream physique has never been more do-able.

In the Digital Age, online coaching has made our health and fitness goals more feasible with our busy lifestyles. I’ve tried several plans and worked with a couple of online coaches too. I’ve got results but I’ve never really felt like I was getting a personalised service. I’ve felt lost at times and I’ve relied YouTube videos to figure out exercises on my training programme. The trouble with online plans is that they rely on a certain level of exercise and nutritional knowledge that most of us don’t have. Meaning exercises are done incorrectly, which can lead to slow progress, demotivation and even injury. Plus, how can you stick to a diet that you don’t truly understand scientifically?

That’s where body transformation centres come in. They’re a new kind of gym – a sort of hybrid – that combines the practicality of online coaching with that all-important face-time with a trainer. And at the forefront of them all is Ultimate Performance (U.P.).

Inside Ultimate Performance

The background
Ultimate Performance (U.P.) was founded in 2009 in a bid to create the world’s most effective training programme. There are three U.P. centres in London, several others in the UK and more around the world, including LA, Sydney and Hong Kong.

U.P. has a range of plans, their most popular being 12 weeks, and they’re individually tailored to men and women.

The founder, Nick Mitchell, has been named the UK’s no.1 trainer and body composition expert by the media, and his team has trained Olympic athletes and supermodels.

The great thing about U.P. though, is that it’s open to anyone who wants to change their body and lifestyle for the better – and is ready to commit.

The difference
I was invited into their recently-opened Kensington gym where I met Sean Murphy, Global Head of Education and Trainer Development, and manager of their three London gyms.

As I came to discover during my time with Sean, the thing that sets U.P. apart and what makes their transformations so successful is the level of science-based detail that goes into every client’s plan. Not to mention that these trainers are at the top of their game – the best in the fitness industry yet unreservedly friendly and approachable.

They live, breathe and eat health and fitness. They stay on top of the latest advancements and filter these down to their clients. Plus, they’re on call to their clients 24/7. They’ll even open the gym at 3 am if a client needs it and will give them a call at 9 pm to support them with any nighttime food cravings.

How it works
When you start a transformation with U.P. you’ll have an initial in-depth appointment to chat about your goals and set you plan. It’s all very scientific; you’ll be measured from top to toe before your stats are entered into a fancy app which uses an algorithm to work out – to the gram – exactly how much food and exercise you need.

Your plan is bespoke to you and your lifestyle, so it’s important to be completely honest with your trainer about every aspect of your life. Trust me, the results will be worth opening up. Your plan will change weekly based on your progress – or even daily. It’s a level of detail you’ll struggle to find on most transformation plans.

You’ll need to weigh yourself daily, measure yourself regularly and be strict about your diet plan. But my, the results are worth it.

Getting Physical At Ultimate Performance (U.P.) Kensington 2

You’ll work out three times a week in the state-of-the-art U.P. gyms. The training is intense but it gets results. Just 20 minutes with Sean and I’d already felt a burn like no other training session before. As he explained, the workouts are designed around being effective and making the most of every rep, rather than squeezing in as many as you can.

The training plans are highly tailored too, so you’ll work with your trainer to determine the exact rep range and exercises that are going to get you the results you want.

Chiselled six-packs and perfectly-sculpted glutes are the results of months of dedication, and they’re certainly not sustainable for anyone with a social life.

At U.P. you’ll also learn how to make your new diet and exercise regime a part of your lifestyle, without missing out on time with friends and family.

U.P. makes your dream body or that fitness goal you never thought you’d achieve possible through dedicated support from elite trainers, knowledge, and a cutting-edge gym to train at.

It’s not just a short-term diet, it’s a lifestyle overhaul, one that will change your life for the better. And what’s a more worthwhile investment than that?

Ultimate Performance Kensington – Where & How?

U.P. Kensington is located at 62/64 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 4PE. For more information, visit

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