We Visit London’s Ushvani Spa for Some Winter Warming Indulgence

Ushvani Spa for Some Winter Warming Indulgence

Reena Patel heads to London’s Knightsbridge for a Muscle Melting Malay Massage in the luxurious Ushvani Spa.

As I step away from London’s Sloane Street and into the sumptuous surrounds of Ushvani Spa, it feels as if I’ve arrived at an exclusive Malay holiday hideaway.

Ushvani Spa hydrotherapy pool
The Ushvani Spa hydrotherapy pool.

Entering in through two enormous wood-carved doors, a wonderful sense of calm starts to shroud me as I sit in the spa’s dark wood-panelled foyer and sign myself in.

I relinquish my coat and slip into the spa’s slippers to get ready for my winter warming appointment. A delicate scent of ginger, nutmeg and pandan leaves works a charm to subtly welcome me in.

Ahead of the treatment, I get to experience the spa’s sublimely serene facilities at the lower ground level – and in the epitome of luxury – all to myself.

After a soothing soak in the warm 32-degree hydrotherapy pool, I continue to warm myself up in the spacious steam room.

Next, my expert therapist leads me to one of Ushvani Spa’s four treatment rooms to begin the Malay massage but adds a bespoke twist to meet my body tension needs.

Hibiscus oil is gently massaged into my skin using long kneading strokes and soft stretches to help contour, tone and relax.

Ushvani Spa London treatment room

By skillfully performing deep acupressure on specific points combined with flowing traditional strokes, my stiff shoulder aches and tightness are miraculously pummelled down. A brilliant neck stretch using a steady, slow drop of cupped hands and scalp massage gives the treatment a close with a feeling of completeness.

Ushvani’s philosophy is based on ancient Asian culture that focuses on both spiritual harmony and natural treatments—going beyond superficial pampering, the treatments all last a minimum of 90 minutes so that the body can have the time to unwind and reap the benefits fully.

Inside the Ushvani Spa in London

A Signature Warming Ritual is also available on the menu, hailed as a firm perennial favourite that has been designed to get through the cold, dark months.

Inspired by movements from traditional Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai massage, Thai reflexology and Shiatsu massage, three different herbal compresses are incorporated into the sequence to warm up and release muscles and aid the healing process.

Feeling magically light and soporifically giddy from such an exceptional massage, I took a moment to restore my energy in the relaxation room, sipping on rehydrating cucumber water and nourishing myself from within with a handful of dried nuts and fruits.

The Asmara Suite at Ushvani Spa in London

Reluctant to return outside, I begrudgingly departed from Ushvani’s wellness haven, but this time, I felt incredibly fresh, warmer and ready to tackle the rest of the winter weeks. Ushvani is a definite top London spa spot.

Ushvani Spa
1 Cadogan Gardens
Knightsbridge London
Website: www.ushvani.com or call 020 7730 2888 for more information.

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We Visit London's Ushvani Spa for Some Winter Warming Indulgence 2

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