The Verge Mika Häkkinen Signature Edition Electric Motorcycle

The Verge Mika Häkkinen Signature Edition Electric Motorcycle

The electric motorcycle manufacturer, Verge Motorcycles, has partnered with Formula 1 great Mika Häkkinen to create the limited edition Mika Häkkinen Signature Edition Electric Motorcycle. In this feature, Jeremy Webb takes a close look at what it offers.

One way to live to the fullest, travel the world and possibly help the planet is to ride an electric motorcycle. Three decades ago, the thought of riding a ‘real-world’ electric motorcycle only existed in dreams and fantasy. However, it is an entirely different story today.

Electric motorcycles are starting to carve a niche in the automotive sector.  Although the take-up compared to other forms of electric transport is small, the sector is growing and is expected to reach more than $100 billion US dollars by 2030.

What would help to generate more interest and legions of eager buyers is great-looking bikes with a decent range, and fortunately, the subject of this feature is blessed with both.

A side profile view of the motorcycle

The Signature Edition electric motorcycle from Verge boasts an incredible, futuristic design and looks like it comes straight from the Judge Dredd or Total Recall movie sets. Its radical design is the product of ex-F1 driver Mika Häkkinen’s mind, and it borders on being two-wheeled automotive art.

Mika said, “This bike is a testament to a life lived to the fullest!” Adding, “I know from experience what it takes to develop a vehicle that embodies speed, precision and elegance. I wanted to design the bike right down to the smallest detail rather than just picking the colour. Each bike is numbered and features an exclusive signature. This electric superbike represents the future of riding.”

Verge Motorcycles and Mika Häkkinen came together at the beginning of 2023 when Mika was appointed to the company’s Advisory Board. Häkkinen has an interest in engineering and production, which prompted him to become an investor in the company.

Mika sat on the bike on the beachfront as the sun sets

Mika predicts an exhilarating future for electric motorcycles and believes Verge’s creations will lead them to become one of the sector’s market leaders. The Mika Häkkinen Signature Edition is something quite beautiful, and as you would expect, Tuomo Lehtimäki, the CEO of Verge Motorcycles, is delighted with the result.

“We are extremely proud to have F1 legend Mika Häkkinen design the signature model. He is one of the greatest drivers of all time, and breaking boundaries and enjoying the thrill of speed is something that we very much share in common.”

To get one of the limited edition electric bikes, you’ll need to hand over the not-so-inconsiderable sum of 80,000 euros. However, you do get something quite special in return.

The motorcycle boasts state-of-the-art features combined with a stylish and unique design. It is a luxury superbike perfected to the last detail and the sector’s most powerful, advanced electric superbike. In addition, the bike has a range of 350 Km and can fast charge in 35 minutes.

The Signature has an innovative, patented and award-winning integrated rim motor inside the rear wheel. The machine uses the highest quality materials available with carbon fibre fairings and a ceramic surface treatment protecting it from scratches. Full black shock absorbers combined with dark grey and silver surface elements complete the elegant and powerful look.

Mika riding the bike at high speed on a track

The Mika Häkkinen Signature Edition Electric Motorcycle is available now via the Verge Motorcycles online store in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Estonia and Monaco.

You can also make a purchase from the new Verge Motorcycles flagship store in Monaco, which will open in connection with the Monaco GP and the brand’s first showroom and shop. UK availability commences from August 2023.

If you would like to find out more about Verge and its electric motorcycles, please visit,

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The Verge Mika Häkkinen Signature Edition Electric Motorcycle 2

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