The Reasons Why Vintage Jewellery is the Smart Buy in Today’s World

The Reasons Why Vintage Jewellery is the Smart Buy in Today's World

Over recent years, nostalgia has boomed, partly because it reminds people of happier or more straightforward times. Everything from vintage cars to clothes, art, memorabilia, furniture, and toys are finding their way into homes worldwide. However, one sector that has slipped a little under the radar is vintage jewellery.

Although vintage jewellery hits the headlines less than some of the other things we’ve mentioned above, that’s not to say it isn’t popular; it is! At high-end jewellery auctions around the world, some jewellery items are achieving quite staggering sums. However, if you’re smart and do your research, you can find yourself the owner of some exquisite pieces at significantly lower prices than their modern-day equivalents.

How buying Vintage Jewellery can help the planet
There’s also another very important reason why people should be turning to vintage jewellery, and that is sustainability. It is a word that pretty much everyone from the age of five upwards will know. Much of the authentic vintage jewellery you’ll see for sale was made many decades ago, which means that buyers won’t be contributing to extra pollution fuelled manufacturing and modern-day mining, thus helping to save the planet’s natural resources.

The impact on the landscape from gold miningThe waste products from years of gold mining.

Vintage jewellery comes in all shapes and forms. Each piece has a special allure, thanks in no small part to its history and, alongside this, the knowledge that artisans used their own hands and artistry to create something unique, not automated machinery.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, having the right knowledge is key to making the right decision when it comes to purchasing vintage jewellery. Just because a piece has a seemingly low price doesn’t mean you should buy it. Fortunately, the Chelsea Bijouterie is on hand to offer some helpful advice and here are their reasons for buying vintage jewellery:

Standard of quality
Nowadays, automated machinery sits at the forefront of most manufacturing. However, as you begin to turn back the clock, quality handmade skills start to dominate the industry. These skills were borne from a lifetime of learning that resulted in beautiful, often unique products. Because of this, the quality found in vintage jewellery is often unparalleled. Each item was individually crafted, and as a result, a beautiful and unforgettable product was born.

Iconic inspiration
One of the most iconic periods of vintage jewellery originated just before World War I; Art Deco. Often imitated, Art Deco is a style that has never been forgotten over its century-long history. The style is recognised for its streamlined and symmetrical geometric shapes in luxurious colours such as gold and silver – perfect for jewellery. Because of this, you can be sure that your item will forever hold its charm.

A blonde haired woman wearing some vintage diamond jewelleryOften imitated
There is truly no substitute for the real thing. High street retail chains have often tried to present their customers with imitations of vintage jewellery. But the quality you would expect is nowhere to be seen and may fall apart over time due to poor assembly.

As mentioned, authentic jewellery quality is one thing that cannot be replicated. Assembled with the most incredible precision and luxurious hard-wearing materials, you can guarantee that vintage jewellery will be an heirloom for generations to come.

Bold character
It is undeniable that there’s a certain ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ to vintage jewellery.

The unique way diamonds sit in the head of the ring, or the pop of colour from a sapphire stone brings tons of character that will be with you forever. Vintage jewellery is a market full of unique items, so you can be sure that when you find the perfect piece, you won’t see anyone else with quite the same style, and it’s likely to be that way forever.

The value
As mentioned, quality meant products can age without losing their value, and in fact, often increase. They are considered luxury antiques, and significant ones at that, with fantastic details that say so much about their history and heritage. Perhaps one day, the jewellery will go on to a new owner who will inherit the history and continue the story of the piece.

Vintage jewellery is an investment and one to be proud of. Introducing such a strong character into your life will not only represent you but be something you know will stay with you forever.

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Vintage jewellery can give a lifetime of happy memoriesThe Reasons Why Vintage Jewellery is the Smart Buy in Today's World 2


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