X Shore 1, The New Swedish Electric Daycruiser that Costs Under €100,000

X Shore 1, The New Swedish Electric Daycruiser that Costs Under €100,000

When the World turns to electricity to power every new car by 2030, other forms of transport will inevitably follow suit. Swedish company X Shore is powering ahead in developing fully electric boats announcing their latest model, the X Shore 1.

The X Shore 1 is built with a simplistic Scandinavian design incorporating innovation, technology and sustainable methods. The company has cleverly priced the boat under the psychological €100,000 mark (€99,000 excl. VAT) to attract buyers. The new vessel is around a third of the cost of other high-performance electric boat models whilst not compromising performance or operational capabilities. X Shore 1 will be available in the Top and Open models.

Closeup views of the materials used inside the cockpit

Three specifications of the X Shore 1 are available, Utility, Performance and Premium. The X Shore 1 has many core features, making it ideal for a day (or night) on the water. The open transom has an in-built swim platform, then mesh rail furniture option with a central passage. You get a generous deck for sunbathing and leisure activities such as wakeboarding, plus not forgetting safety requirements like integrated navigation lights in the bow rail. A cantilevered roof with retractable sun awnings is a bonus for occupants.

Two of the boats side by side showing the roof configurations

Similar in performance to the X Shore Eelex 8000, the X Shore 1 only has one battery, so it is impressive. The running costs are reduced along with the Carbon footprint. The size also enables more accessible customer transportation, as it comfortably fits inside containers used in global shipping.

Hull production is in-house at X Shore Industries 1, where they will be produced via prepreg. X Shore combines glass and carbon fibre to balance weight, performance and environmental impact. The result is a lighter craft that requires just a single 63 kWh battery to power it swiftly through the water. The company decided upon cork for the X Shore’s hull rather than teak, making it more beneficial to the environment.

A forward view from the cockpit area

The Swedish firm feels it is required to produce electric-powered craft to offer a viable option to vessels powered by ICE systems. Emissions from these are substantial, and from fifty hours on the water, standard 6-10 metre boats can produce emissions comparable to more than seven roundtrips between New York and central Europe by aeroplane.

The other primary concern with using motor-powered vessels is that sound emissions and noise pollution harm our planet. The International Maritime Organisation has found that noise from boats negatively impacts short- and long-term marine life.

The electric daycruiser running at speed on the water

On the launch of the X Shore 1, Jenny Keisu, the CEO of the company, said, “To bring electric boating to the largest possible audience, it is essential we bring to market a range of models and options to satisfy the different needs and desires of the global boating community.

Crucially, the X Shore 1 enters the market at a remarkably low price point, as we must make electric boating competitive with fossil-fuel boats to speed up the transition. Just as importantly, by launching the X Shore 1, X Shore is hoping to encourage a new generation of boat owners and show them that electric boating is not just the future but the present.

X Shore will be delivering the first of the X Shore 1 boats to customers early next year, building them in our new factory at a rate of two boats per day as capacity expands. We are proud of our Swedish heritage, and the X Shore 1 pays homage to this through an innovative product that is designed with functionality and durability in every step, from production to use and lifetime.”

The daycruiser moored by the side of a river

The X Shore 1 is 21ft long with a generous beam of 7.3ft, so you get plenty of deck space and room to move around safely. It comes with a powerful 125 kWh single motor which can push the vessel along at a maximum of 30 knots. You can happily cruise at 20 knots and not strain the battery consumption.

You should get a maximum of fifty nautical miles of range at lower speeds, but if you can put it into port and charge up, your journeys can be extended. The X Shore 1 can get 20 to 80% charge in 1,5 hours from a 22kW charger or incredibly with fast charging of 45kW; this is reduced to fifty minutes. Enough time to grab a drink or something to eat while the boat is replenished too. The Helmsperson gets a large touchscreen display showing all the relevant information they require.

The impressive performance will allow you to utilise the boat for many tasks, such as wakeboarding, water-skiing and scuba diving adventures.

About X Shore
Founded in 2016, The Swedish climate technology and electric boat company X Shore is based in Stockholm. X Shore is the World’s leading supplier of electric boats with customers in markets such as Europe and North America. The company’s vessels use no fossil fuels and have minimal impact on marine wildlife. X Shore has been several design awards for the Eelex 8000. In 2022 X Shore was nominated for the European Powerboat of the Year and received the jury’s special mention.

X Shore 1 – Where and How?

Pricing: €99,000 (excl. VAT) / $139,000 (excl. VAT, inc. US configuration, overseas shipping and import taxes – local taxes and fees may apply)

Specification for the X Shore 1

  • Models: Open, Top
  • Length: 6.5 m / 21 ft
  • Beam: 2.23 m / 7.3 ft
  • Depth: 0.65 m / 2.13 ft
  • Height: 1.66 m / 5.4 ft 1.66m (Open), 2.19 m / 7.18 ft (Top)
  • Weight: 1.7 Ton (Open), 1.77 tons (Top)
  • Electrical Motor: 125 kWh
  • Top Speed: 30 knots
  • Cruising speed: 20 knots
  • Battery: Kreisel battery pack KBP63, with 63kWh capacity
  • Range: 50 nautical miles (at lower speeds)
  • Charging: 20-80% 1.5 hours (22kW) / 4.6 hours (7.3kW) / fast charging 50 min (45kW)

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X Shore 1, The New Swedish Electric Daycruiser that Costs Under €100,000 2

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