Delving into YTL Hotels 2023 Sustainability and Environmental Success Stories

YTL Hotels Celebrates its 2023 Sustainability and Environmental Success Stories

YTL Hotels, known for its opulent hotels and resorts worldwide, is dedicated to preserving the natural wonders and wildlife in each cherished destination it represents. In this feature, we look at how it is helping to conserve diverse life forms, celebrate local cultures, and uphold traditions.

Helping the flora and flora we share the world with is now one of the most urgent priorities for businesses operating in the hospitality sector. Many companies are now successfully doing this by combining education and conservation with guest experiences.

One of the best at this is YTL Hotels, which places a significant emphasis on guest education through dedicated programs, Kids Club activities, and animal adoption initiatives.

Team members maintaining the hill walk at Tanjong Jara

Malaysia and Borneo are two of the best places in the world for experiencing incredibly diverse flora and fauna. YTL Hotels is making it simple for guests to learn more via on-site specialists, such as Justin Juhun, Director of Conservation, and Scott Mayback, Resident Marine Biologist at Gaya Island Resort.

Below, we’ll look in more detail at the excellent ways some of its best-known resorts are helping the environment.

A photograph showing how the resort blends into its natural environment

Gaya Island Resort, Borneo
Nestled within a protected 4,922-hectare Marine Park, Gaya Island Resort integrates conservation into every decision, harmonising luxury with conscientious living.

At the forefront of ecological conservation in the community, this Distinctively Borneo resort hosts its Wildlife Centre, advocating Proboscis Monkey Preservation, Nature and Wildlife Conservation, and Educational Nature Trails.

The Kuri-Kuri Kids Club engages young explorers, guiding them through the resort in search of rare wildlife.

The Turtle Rescue, centred at the Marine Centre on the private beach of Tavajun Bay, highlights the rescue and release of sea turtles. Notably, ‘Gaya’, a rescued ten-year-old Green Turtle, was recently released back into the ocean, marking the resort’s 28th successful rehabilitation.

Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia

An aerial view of the island housing the renowned resort

Pangkor Laut Resort is a true paradise on a private island that meticulously preserves its two-million-year-old ecosystem. With minimal development, this One Island One Resort allows wildlife to flourish amid wooden structures that seamlessly blend into the forest.

The flora encompassing one of the resorts private estates

The newly established Nature Conservation Centre educates guests about ongoing conservation efforts and the island’s rich biodiversity. Collaborating with the University College Sabah Foundation, the resort actively contributes to the protection of the critically endangered Hornbill, creating nesting boxes from recycled wood.

In addition, the team is crafting a Tropical Botanical Garden to showcase the island’s exquisite flora and contribute to its preservation. Below ground, Coral Planting on the cement blocks along the Pangkor Laut Resort Jetty has led to significant coral reproduction.

This initiative not only helps protect the area but also serves as a hiding place for various fish species.

An aerial view showing how the resort blends into the foliage next to the sandy beach

Tanjong Jara Resort, Malaysia
Located on the pristine East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia is Tanjong Jara, a beautiful Resort that captures the spirit and natural heritage of the region.

Turtle Watch at Tanjong Jara Resort is an exclusive partnership with Lang Tengah Turtle Watch, a turtle conservation organisation. The Turtle Watch embodies the resort’s commitment to live harmoniously with its natural surroundings and protect and conserve its local fauna and wildlife.

Turtle Watch also offers guests unique experiences, including participation in a Nest Adoption Programme, where guests can save a nest from poachers and receive regular updates on their adopted turtle.

The resort also invites guests to the Kenyir Elephant Sanctuary for an immersive experience with these magnificent creatures. Committed to preserving Unmistakably Malay culture, Tanjong Jara Resort emphasises community through local delicacies, eco-tours, and the embrace of traditions.

Residents of the local Kampung's aka villages having funDelving into YTL Hotels 2023 Sustainability and Environmental Success Stories 2

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