An Insight Into the Swedish Brand ZEEKR’s New X and 001 Electric Cars

An Insight Into the Swedish Brand ZEEKR's New X and 001 Electric Cars

The Swedish automotive company ZEEKR has unveiled two models, which are set to launch at the end of June 2023. Both will be available in the Netherlands and Sweden in the first instance before potentially reaching the wider market. In this feature, Jeremy Webb looks at what the company’s ZEEKR 001 and ZEEKR X models have to offer.

ZEEKR’s two new models, the ZEEKR 001 luxury Shooting Brake and ZEEKR X luxury urban compact, have been designed to push the Swedish company into the spotlight inside the highly competitive electric car market and, at the same time, make a statement of intent to its rivals.

About the New Models
The ZEEKR 001’s streamlined design is purposeful and sophisticated; the chassis technologies deliver outstanding ride, refinement, and handling matched to rear- or all-wheel drive. It has 200kW DC fast charging and a range of up to 620km but costs from € 59,490 (incl. VAT) and 667,000 SEK for the single motor Long Range model.

The steering wheel in the 001 model

The ZEEKR X is for life adventures in the city and beyond, and although it might seem compact on the outside, it is spacious and luxurious inside. As you would expect, in this day and age, it comes loaded with technology, including advanced safety systems, cutting-edge infotainment, and superfast 5G connectivity. The range is around 440km, and pricing starts at €44,990 (and 550,000 SEK for the single motor Long Range model.

A side profile view of the 001 model being driven on the road

The ZEEKR 001 (above) has a 0.23 Cd, which enhances its range and helps to minimise road noise. The model boasts a 400kW (544hp), 686Nm, dual-motor all-wheel drive powertrain allowing it to accelerate from 0-100km/h in a quick 3.8 seconds.

The battery in the single motor rear-wheel drive Long Range version gives it a superb range of 620km on a single charge, and charging to 80% can take as little as thirty minutes via a fast charger. Lower-powered charging is also available via the 22KW AC onboard charger, and a full charge can be achieved in only five and a half hours.

The ZEEKR 001 Privilege model has air suspension with adaptive damping, allowing it to handle with precision and control without compromising ride quality. You have first-class comfort within the intelligent digital cockpit, assured no matter the road conditions or the journey’s length.

A front three-quarter view of the compact X model

The ZEEKR X has a simplistic, pure, perfectly executed design. Despite its compact dimensions, you get a spacious, luxurious interior offering lots of technology. Owners will benefit from surround sound and 5G superfast infotainment, and another feature, and something else that will thrill tech fans; the car can even park itself.

The X model has a 69kWh battery, which can deliver a range of around 440km with the single motor, rear-wheel drive Long Range Model. The 150kW DC charging capability is augmented by the 22kW AC charger that can charge the battery fully from empty in four hours.

ZEEKR CEO Spiros Fotinos leaning on the 001 model

Spiros Fotinos, CEO of ZEEKR Europe, said, “Europe’s luxury car market is one of most established, competitive and demanding in the world. It’s also going through a dramatic change as consumers switch to electric. As a pure-electric luxury brand founded on world-class design, engineering, and innovation – with customer service at the heart of everything we do – this represents an unprecedented opportunity.

The level of interest we’ve already received in the ZEEKR X and ZEEKR 001 has been incredible, and we’re looking forward to opening the order books in Sweden and the Netherlands and seeing these amazing EVs on Europe’s roads.”

A side view of the X model also showing its rear

The Four Pillars
ZEEKR want the public to make purchasing and owning one of their vehicles as enjoyable as driving one. The brand has studied and understood the needs of consumers ready to switch to EVs and is seeking to address some of the hassles experienced by existing electric car owners. They are doing this through their One-Stop-Shop approach, which is built around four key pillars.

ZEEKR Finance offers a range of options for private and fleet customers, designed with key partners, enabling them to access models in the best way for them.

Secondly, the company wants the experience of charging at home or public charging stations to be easy for owners.

ZEEKR Power’s complete charging solution includes wall box installation, support and maintenance. Through its network of qualified partners, and in parallel, it will also support fleet customers with their charging needs. Using a transparent authentication and payment scheme, ZEEKR Power will also give owners access to a vast Pan-European public charging network (which includes fast and superfast chargers).

Its care service program is a convenient way to ensure their vehicles are kept perfectly maintained, with mobile technicians able to service or repair them at locations chosen by customers or through a visit to one of the flagship stores or its networks operated by care partners.

You can buy ZEEKR Care with the vehicle or at any time during your ownership period, and it is also transferable. Pre-order customers will benefit from a complementary three-year/ 60,000km Service Plan.

Exceptional build quality allows the company to offer a 5+5 year warranty, initially covering the first five years or 100,000km, extendable for five more years with a total of 200,000km. Scheduled servicing takes place in its service network, and the battery comes with an eight-year or 200,000km warranty, whichever comes first.

ZEEKR Connect offers drivers and passengers 5G connectivity, enabling them to access apps such as Spotify, Stingray’s karaoke, and video streaming services. The ZEEKR App Store and regular Over-the-air updates give you an effortless enhancement of your driving experience. The vehicle can remain personalised and updated with the latest innovations, which should help its resale value.

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