An overview of Luxurious Magazine

Luxurious Magazine® is a privately owned publication based upon the principles of honesty and integrity. As an independent title and unlike some other publications, we have the flexibility to ensure that our readers and advertisers receive the best quality product possible.

Our global team of experienced journalists travel the world, testing, reviewing, and writing on subjects of direct interest to the readers.

Our print edition is highly exclusive and places where it is situated, are regarded as the ‘best of the best’. These include high-end luxury hotels, renowned luxury brands and organisations, superyachts and private jets to name but a few. The magazine does not offer a subscription service and cannot be purchased to ensure that the purest HNW readership demographic is maintained.

Contact address
To ensure that we provide a more comprehensive coverage of the UK, Luxurious Magazine has moved its administration and operations from London to Lancashire in the North-West of England, the telephone numbers remain the same and the UK editorial team will still be predominantly London-based. Please direct all mail correspondence to:

Luxurious Magazine
Amberley House
21 Carwood Way
Walton Park