Jamie Ndah In Conversation With Platinum-Selling Musician, Jocelyn Brown

Jamie Ndah In Conversation With Platinum-Selling Musician, Jocelyn Brown


Luxurious Magazine recently attended the exclusive performance by the incredibly talented and platinum-selling artist, Jocelyn Brown, at London’s iconic Quaglino’s in Mayfair.

The evening was also a chance to celebrate the landmark 10th anniversary of the restaurant group, D&D London.

Jocelyn has an extensive background in the music industry and is well known in the world of dance. In 1984, Brown released a number of singles in her own name, including the smash dance floor anthem “Somebody’s else Guy” (which she co-wrote and was later re-recorded in 1997 by Cece Peniston, which reached #2 on the Billboard R&B Singles chart (#75 on the Hot 100) and became the title track of her first album (a compilation of tracks from her career to date).

Jamie Ndah caught up with Jocelyn Brown to talk music, travel, fine dining and luxury lifestyle.

LM: How long have you worked in the music industry, and where did your journey begin?
JB: I have loved music for as long as I can remember. It has been in my life every day. I started performing in church at three years old in North Carolina, but really I’ve been in the industry for fifty-two years.

LM: What is your personal definition of luxury?
JB: For me, luxury means being able to travel anywhere you want in the world. That experience is priceless.

LM: What luxurious item could you not live without?
JB: I have to admit, I couldn’t live without my TV and the internet.

Jamie Ndah In Conversation With Platinum-Selling Musician, Jocelyn Brown

LM: Your music crosses over so many musical genres. Do you have a particular favourite genre?
JB: They are all wonderful, but my favourite genre is Gospel music. That’s where my heart lies!

LM: What are your thoughts on today’s musical talent? Which artists are you listening to at the moment?
JB: Some are wonderful and they have the sound that folks are looking for. I’m listening to all of them! I try and listen to as many different genres as I can, as I find all music has meaning to it.

LM: You gave an exclusive performance at Quaglino’s to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the D&D restaurant group. Please tell our Luxurious Magazine readers how the set was on the night?
JB: It was a great night! There was a lot of dance music, from “Keep On Jumpin”, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “Always There”. I wanted to make sure everyone had a great time, and of course, I ended the evening with one of my favourites, “Somebody Else’s Guy”.

LM: What is your favourite fine dining cuisine experience?
JB: Quaglino’s of course. It’s the best!

LM: London is a great city steeped in rich history, arts, music and culture. Which other cities around the world have you enjoyed visiting and performing in too?
JB: Tokyo, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris… there are so many it’s hard to write them all down.

LM: What’s next on your travel bucket list?
JB: Definitely New York City. I can’t wait!

LM: You’ve sung and collaborated on some iconic tracks through the years such as “Somebody Else’s Guy”, “Keep On Jumpin” and “Always There”, which still all sound fresh today. What inspires you to make such timeless music?
JB: The wonderful spirit of music means that any song or sound can come back around and make you any kind of emotion. I’m inspired because music is a part of me and I have always loved it, and want to share that with as many people as I can for as long as I can.

LM: Can you share with our Luxurious Magazine readers any exciting music developments you have planned in the future?
JB: To do more live performances with my band, and I’d also love to work a bit more with Todd Terry.

LM: Describe a Jocelyn Brown performance in one word?
JB: Awesome!

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