A look inside our Private Estate at The Estates at Pangkor Laut

The accommodation at The Estates at Pangkor Laut

Just one hour after leaving the marina on the mainland, we reached our Estate at Pangkor Laut.

Aside from the beautiful sea that was glimpsed from an elevated position over the wall, there was nothing but a large wall that indicated there was anything else here, privacy and exclusivity would be assured. We were led through a large wooden double doorway embedded into the wall to be greeted by a beautiful deep dark blue infinity pool overlooking the private beach and the lapping of waves on the sand.

‘Welcome to your private estate’ said Kenny

Our Estate at Pangkor LautLooking around we could see a detached villa with a walled garden, ‘Is this where we will be staying?’ we asked quizzically … ‘Here or if you want that one’ said Kenny, there were two almost identical villas on our estate and we had the privilege of staying in one or the other or both! ‘They both have outside sunken jacuzzi’ added Kenny, ‘And if you look further down the beach you’ll see your outside lounge pavilion, where you can relax and listen to music, and further on from that building is your private dining room, where your personal chefs will be cooking for you whatever you like’. It was surreal, the Luxurious Magazine team had been to some breathtaking resorts, but never had we been given the opportunity to have our own private mini resort to ourselves, and on top of that, a private resort on a private island!

It was a cacophony of lush greenery, sea and sounds of the forest, difficult to take in the beauty and indeed the scale of what we had to ourselves. The private cove stretched around in a horseshoe shape with about 200 meters of golden sand and not a person in sight, the emerald coloured sea glistened in the bright sunlight as the birds songs rang out. Before we were taken to the villas, Kenny suggested that he orientate us with the private facilities. The first and most obvious thing was the infinity pool, about 40 feet in width, jacuzzi jets, stepped areas and a clever use of tiling that made the water look like liquid sapphire. Above the pool were garden terraces with sun-loungers ready for use with towels and covers facing the sea. The views from the pool area were perfect, you could rest upon your arms at the edge of the pool, listening to the water cascading over the sides and the waves upon the shore as you looked out to sea over the golden beach. This was to be experienced a little later as first we were led down towards the ‘business end’ of the estate.

Our living pavilion at the Estates at Pangkor LautThe first place was the outside lounge area, we walked along the level paved pathway following the shore to a columned circular area on the beach front. This lounge/living pavilion had a large number of chairs, tables, and plush sofa areas, bottled water, stacked neatly in a line like a row of soldiers standing to attention, as the music from the sound system offered a relaxing backing track to the stunning open view of the cove.

Another 30-40 feet further on was a detached building, again overlooking the beach with full length glazed and wooden sides. Kenny took us over to the building and as we arrived the large sliding doors slid back to reveal a smartly dressed man with a beaming smile. ‘This is Soe Aung, he will be one of the people helping to make your stay as comfortable as possible’. We sat down at a single circular table with floral centerpiece and were offered freshly squeezed fruit juice. The dining room was just for our own private use, I got up to have a look around and could see that the front opened to give an uninterrupted view of the sea with steps down to the sandy beach.

Kenny then took us behind a large walled area into the kitchen to meet our private chef;

‘Chef Hoo is your personal chef and will do his very best to fulfill all your culinary desires, and this is John who will also be assisting with making you stay as special as possible’.

It was pointed out to us that the staff would keep out of our way, so that we could enjoy our privacy and whatever we needed, all we had to do was just ask.

Inside the Villas at The Estates at Pangkor Laut

After a refreshing drink, we headed up to see the Villa. As both villas were nearly identical on our estate, we only needed to see one. We entered through the front door to be faced with what is without any doubt, the largest wooden bed we had ever seen. A huge four poster bed bounded on three sides with a polished wooden platform that could be lounged upon, to give you a better idea of the size of this bed, how many beds have you gotten into that you had to use a step to get in?

Inside the Villas at The Estates at Pangkor LautThe bed/living room had full length windows looking into the walled garden, high quality fixtures and furnishings were well spaced including a dining breakfast area surrounded with what at first seemed to be random patterned stone clad walls. Sat proudly upon a table was an enormous bowl of fresh fruit filled with strawberries, grapes, bananas, apples, pears and more. Audio and visual entertainment was provided courtesy of a large LCD TV with all the usual satellite channels, and a high-end audio that to be honest I never figured out how to use! Intrigued by the wall patterning I decided to take a closer look and much to my amazement, it wasn’t a random pattern but what seemed to be fossilised shells within cut granite panels. From the bedroom/living area we were led through the study area that had internet access, estate information, stocked mini bar and snacks. The bathroom area was equally as stunning as the bedroom, stretching the full width of the villa, the bathroom was just perfect. High quality cream marble tiles, dual sinks and vanity areas, plenty of storage space, floral decorations, a separate powerful rain shower and the obligatory w.c, every facet of the accommodation reinforced the luxurious feel of the estate.

Inside the bathroom was a door that led out into the garden, Kenny invited us through to be greeted by a separate roofed structure inside a lush floral garden with bubbling sunken jacuzzi. Attention to detail was obvious, towels and white fluffy bathrobes were placed and hung around ensuring that nothing needed was more than a few steps away. Directly in front of the jacuzzi about 15 feet away were twin wooden doors set into the wall, opening these gives you a direct view of the beach and sea while relaxing in the jacuzzi.

With the basic tour completed and required information to hand, Kenny made sure that we were happy and bade us a warm farewell so that we could start to enjoy what would be an experience like no other. The first thing was to unpack the cases and then get into some nice clothes for the ritual beauty shots, ‘take a picture of me at the pool’ I said, only to be met with ‘and then me on the beach’, this was an amazing place.

A stroll along the beach was next on the agenda, tiny crabs darted about and tantalized us, moving at a fast enough speed to ensure that we could only look and not touch. With feet slightly sinking into the warm golden sand we picked up seashells, giggled excitedly and came across a member of the estate maintenance team eagerly cleaning leaves off the beach, it was odd to see another person, being there on the beach made us feel that the whole island belonged only to us. The sound of the waves and emerald coloured water made us realise that whether you wanted to find somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle, have a romantic break or even somewhere to spend your honeymoon, this is one of those places that we could not imagine being bettered.

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The accommodation at The Estates at Pangkor Laut

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