Alessandro Calvio’s Movelights Colouring Technique for Inner & Outer Confidence

Alessandro Calvio's Movelights Colouring Technique for Inner & Outer Confidence

Many of us reading this could do with a bit of a boost, and one of the easiest ways is by creating the best version of ourselves. Looking good is an easy way to instil confidence and Alessandro Calvio’s Movelights colouring, and his new cutting technique will put you on the right path.

How we dress our hair is very important to how we look and feel. Is your desire to truly free your hair? Leave behind schematic styles, hair fashion trends, no longer be a slave to straightening or curling tongs, hairdryers or special brushes.

Or are you simply afraid to wash your hair for fear of not knowing how to style it afterwards? If you answered yes to any of the above, the natural technique developed by international hairdresser Alessandro Calvio would liberate you from all of that.

“I have developed a new cutting technique that can either boost or reduce hair volume. It follows the natural fall of your hair, retaining its natural proportions to bring harmony and allowing you to truly feel beautiful and fall in love with your hair all over again. My technique is bespoke, uniquely customised for you.”, says Alessandro.

With over 30 years of experience working with royalty and celebrities all over the world, Alessandro Calvio is renowned for his innovative style based on a vertical cut that follows the natural movement of the hair and its natural fall. Compared to usual haircuts, Alessandro recommends cutting your hair every three months, as the technique of the cut will follow the natural growth of the hair, meaning that the hair keeps its style for longer.

In tandem with his natural cutting technique, Alessandro also created a symbiotic colouring technique which while once again following the natural fall and true nature of hair, provides movement and depth at the same time, different from the classic colours. It emulates the hair’s natural shade, creates a clear highlighting effect and brings movement to your hair – reflecting its name ‘Movelights.’

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From the start, Movelights takes into consideration your personality, hair type and facial features. As a result, it is suitable for everyone, blonde or dark-haired, or someone who’s just noticed their first grey hairs. It’s even appropriate for those who want to approach the world of hair colour for the first time, giving the experience of visibly elegant colour in movement which leaves all the harshness and artificialness behind.

The Alessandro Calvio Natural Technique will make you love and embrace what mother nature has given you.

“To me, every client is royalty, whoever they might be. For me, it’s not just about cutting, colouring or styling – it’s about the person in front of me”, concluded Alessandro.

Alessandro currently splits his time between Mumbai and London, where he looks after the hairstyles of Bollywood stars and the elite of Indian society. For more information on his new cutting and colouring techniques and to make bookings, please visit

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Alessandro Calvio's Movelights Colouring Technique for Inner & Outer Confidence 2


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