Amalgam Collection Unveils a 1:4 Scale Model of Redbull’s RB18 F1 Car

Amalgam Collection Unveils a 1:4 Scale Model of Redbull's RB18 F1 Car

The model creators at Amalgam Collection have unveiled the first photographs of their stunning ‘flagship’ 1:4 scale model of the RB18, a car that brought the World Constructors’ Championship back to Milton Keynes after eight long years.

The Amalgam Collection has unveiled its latest scale replica, and it measures in excess of 1.04 metres (41 inches). The company’s limited edition model is based on Max Verstappen’s victorious outing at the Heineken Dutch Grand Prix at Circuit Zandvoort on the 4th of September 2022 and captures every aspect of the car’s complex aerodynamics alongside its distinctive blue, red and yellow Red Bull livery.

In total, just eighteen handcrafted 1:4 scale models bearing the number 1 will be built. It is done to ensure every client and collector can be assured of exclusivity in their purchase, several of which have already been pre-sold to devoted followers of the Dutch World Champion. Amalgam is now accepting orders on the remaining models left in the edition. Models of Verstappen’s teammate Sergio’ Checo’ Pérez can be built to order.

The colossal edition of models has been developed primarily to meet the requirements of the Oracle Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Team, along with their official partners and sponsors, and necessitated over 4500 hours of development.

An image showing the incredible detail inside the cockpit

Amalgam’s engineers worked from CAD data supplied directly by the Oracle Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team to develop a pattern for every component in the model. The engineers used the team’s data to ensure that the details were accurately reflected. The master patterns were created for each piece of the complex assembly using 3D printing, followed by meticulous hand finishing.

Moulds were then taken from each pattern and used to create a small batch of cast components, each one fettled and fitted to make a complete set before painting, finishing and assembly.

Oracle Red Bull Racing designers only gave the prototype the green light once they thoroughly inspected the model and were satisfied that it accurately represented the original.

A three quarter frontal view of the model

Each subsequent model takes over 450 hours to cast, fit, fettle, paint and assemble in one of Amalgam’s global workshops, as teams of artisans focus on ensuring that every minute detail is accurately depicted on every model.

Previous collaborations between Oracle Red Bull Racing and Amalgam Collection have centred around major achievements in the team’s eighteen-year history.

The RB18 proved to be a masterful response to a set of radically new aerodynamic regulations for the 2022 season. Despite its dominance, it did not start the year as the fastest car and had to be developed over the course of the season to unleash its full potential. The RB18’s designers developed many unconventional but ultimately pioneering components, many of which were later copied by their rivals, the ultimate compliment to the engineers’ ingenuity.

The RB18 swiftly became one of the most successful cars in the sport’s history, winning seventeen of the twenty-two races, fifteen with reigning World Champion Verstappen and two in the hands of Pérez.

The 1/4 scale model of the steering wheel with its certificate of authenticity

The 1:4 scale headlines a growing collection of models in Amalgam’s RB18 Collection. Models of the double championship race-winning machine are also available at 1:8, a full-size replica steering wheel, and miniature replicas of the car’s nosecone and steering wheel at 1:12 scale and 1:4 scale, respectively.

The first batches of models at 1:8 scale are already in the hands of some customers, including team principal Christian Horner. Limited to 99 pieces per driver, this edition necessitated over 2500 hours to develop the prototype, and each subsequent model requires 250 hours of complete build time.

Every miniature nosecone replica is handcrafted from precisely engineered parts by small teams of craftspeople across Amalgam’s global workshops. The full-size replica steering wheel is limited to just 175 pieces and is an exact reproduction of the one used by the drivers, featuring working buttons, switches and paddles.

The nosecone measures 16cm (6 inches) wide, took over 500 hours to develop and is removable from its mounting, inspired by the real pit lane garage storage racks. The miniature steering wheel at 1:4 scale required a further 450 hours to develop and is made from precisely engineered parts.

Every model built by Amalgam is presented on an acrylic base with a clear dust cover and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

You can view the full Oracle Red Bull Racing RB18 Collection at

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An image showing the rear wing of the car and the Red Bull liveryAmalgam Collection Unveils a 1:4 Scale Model of Redbull's RB18 F1 Car 2

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