Amalgam Collection Reveals ‘Senna Sempre Livery’ Edition at 1:8 Scale

Amalgam Collection Reveals 'Senna Sempre Livery' Edition at 1:8 Scale

Amalgam Collection has revealed an exclusive Limited Edition of 1:8 scale models perfectly replicating the McLaren Senna in its newly revealed Senna Sempre livery. This special limited edition of just 30 models is a celebration of the life and legacy of legendary Brazilian racer Ayrton Senna, 30 years on.

Amalgam Collection today revealed that they have been developing an exclusive Limited Edition of 1:8 scale models perfectly replicating the McLaren Senna in its newly revealed Senna Sempre livery. Limited to just 30 pieces, this special edition is a celebration of the life and legacy of legendary Brazilian racer Ayrton Senna and will become a much sought-after collectable, especially appealing to McLaren Racing’s most ardent followers who also appreciate art and design.

The creative team at Amalgam have already completed the #1 model in the edition, which was delivered to McLaren Automotive in time for the real car’s launch ahead of this year’s Monaco Grand Prix. Number #30 in the edition has been reserved for the Senna family, whilst the remaining 28 models in this exceptional edition are available to pre-order directly from Amalgam Collection. McLaren Senna owners can also purchase through McLaren Automotive.

A top down view of the model car

Each Amalgam model is the culmination of over 3000 hours of meticulous design and development, crafted by skilled artisans with the utmost attention to detail. The foundation of these masterpieces is the confidential CAD data shared with Amalgam by McLaren Automotive, which the team reworked and refined through 3D printing and hand-finishing hundreds of intricate patterns.

The process begins with the creation of moulds, followed by the casting of every part in prototyping resin, precision-fitting, painting, and assembly. This labour-intensive process takes over 300 hours to complete, resulting in a stunning replica that perfectly captures the essence of the Senna Sempre livery. Every visible detail is meticulously replicated, including the subtle nods to Ayrton Senna’s iconic racing career.

A front view of the car at an angle

The exterior features a striking Brazilian flag-inspired colour scheme, with the Senna ‘Double S’ logo proudly displayed on the blue panel between the vents. The Senna script on the bright green rear wing is complemented by intricate green and white border lines on the glasshouse and venting at the base of the windscreen, painstakingly recreated with millimetre precision.

A top down view of the rear spoiler

The model’s front and rear bumpers feature watermarks of the race numbers worn by Ayrton Senna’s Formula 1 cars during his five successive victories at Monaco, paying homage to his remarkable racing performances. The side panels feature dot-matrix representations of Ayrton Senna, hand-applied with the same level of dedication as the MSO team in Woking.

The model’s bespoke yellow Alcantara upholstery with green perforations can be accessed through the model’s openable doors, revealing every minute detail, from the white 12 o’clock marker on the steering wheel to the signature of Senna alongside his own quotation, “I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence.”

Sandy Copeman, Founder of Amalgam Collection, commented, “While our models are often described as works of art and are indeed artistic in their creation, in truth, since they deliver the essence of the cars they represent, ultimately the beauty of our models is dependent on the beauty of the car they capture. In this instance, there is no question that both the car and models are art.”

A side view of the model car

The Senna Sempre Livery
The Senna Sempre Livery honours the Formula 1 career of Ayrton Senna including his three Formula 1 Drivers’ World Championships and five consecutive wins at the Monaco Grand Prix with McLaren. The Senna Sempre livery has been created as part of McLaren’s ongoing association with the Ayrton Senna Institute.

It showcases not only the peerless paint mastery and craftmanship that McLaren Automotive is uniquely placed to deliver through McLaren Special Operations (MSO), but also distinctive visuals honouring the Formula 1 career of Ayrton Senna, his tenacious drive for perfection, Brazilian nationality and McLaren racing history – including on the streets of Monaco – through bright and bold paint colours and bespoke interior treatments.

Copeman continued, “Senna’s legacy lives on in the hearts of racing fans around the world, as well as through the countless charity initiatives he supported during his lifetime and the Instituto Ayrton Senna set up in his name by his sister Viviane afterwards. His rivalry with Alain Prost, his three World Championships, and his record-breaking pole positions were all testaments to his exceptional talent and determination. Senna was an icon of the sport, a master behind the wheel and will forever be remembered as one of the best Formula 1 drivers of all time.”

Amalgam Collection and McLaren Automotive – A Partnership of 15 Years
Amalgam’s astonishingly realistic and deeply detailed large-scale models are already widely recognised by McLaren owners worldwide, and this special edition deepens the close cooperation between McLaren Automotive and Amalgam that has flourished since 2009.

Limited edition models have been previously created for a series of McLaren’s most groundbreaking and historic cars, including the F1 road car, the P1 and the Speedtail, and now, the McLaren Senna in the Senna Sempre livery. Ongoing developments include the McLaren 750S Coupe and Spider at 1:8 scale, for which Amalgam offer their famed Tailor-Made Bespoke Service, where they will create a perfect and deeply detailed replica of a customer’s real car.

“The precision and expertise that McLaren Automotive bring to creating the most exciting cars in the world ignites an equal passion in the team at Amalgam to create models that deserve their place alongside the beautiful works of engineered art emerging from Woking,” Copeman adds.

The Amalgam Collection 1:8 Scale Senna Sempre Livery edition is priced at £15,845.00.

A front on view of the modelAmalgam Collection Reveals 'Senna Sempre Livery' Edition at 1:8 Scale 2

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