The Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon 41.5 Models in Red Gold or Platinum

The Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon 41.5 Models in Red Gold or Platinum

The Moon has always fascinated humans, and it is believed it influences our behaviour. Throughout Millenia, the Moon has been held in high respect and is true today with two new luxury timepieces from Arnold & Son. The brand has launched a Perpetual Moon 41.5 in Red Gold and one made from Platinum.

The Moon fascinates, appeals and enchants, appearing each night in various forms. From the new Moon, the full Moon, through to the waning crescent, it affects our planet and, therefore, indirectly us. Arnold & Son luxury Watchmakers acknowledge the Moon’s esteem with the launch of their new Perpetual Moon 41.5 in two different materials.

The two materials are 18-carat-Red Gold and Platinum, both highly desirable and precious. The 41.5 represents the Perpetual Moon’s large diameter of 41.5mm, which is also reasonably thick at 11.3mm. However, the two new watches are slightly smaller than their predecessors, at 42mm in diameter.

John Arnold was a maker of fine Naval Chronometers, and the company has continued to reflect this tradition. They have linked the detailing of the new Perpetual Moon models with the importance Sailors placed on using the Moon and Stars in navigation. Constellations have been selected with great thought.

Since time immemorial, the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia have helped navigators in the northern hemisphere find their bearings and locate the North Star (Polaris). Defining north the latter’s position relevant to angular altitude, or position in the North-South plane, and allows the latitude to be estimated.

The watch model with the dark blue dial

A white mother-of-pearl star sits on the midnight-blue dial mimicking the sky. The Perpetual Moon’s dial features a unique motif, Stellar Rays, as befits this astronomical complication. The watches show furrows through a unique finish known as Stellar Rays. You will be captivated by the precision and beauty of the artistry that goes into both versions.

Gold edging combines with a dense, deep blue on the Red Gold model and golden hands and hour markers to intensify the Stellar Rays. On the Platinum version, it is paired with salmon pink, whose soft metallic luminance complements the rhodium-plated details on the dial.

The watch face in the dark clearly showing the moon's detail

Luminescent material, particularly intense in darkness yet invisible in the daylight, covers the large Moon adding to the magic when the watch face is viewed in the dark. The Moon is laid on a blue PVD-treated sky, surrounded by the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia, shining through the darkness.

A rear view of the watch movement

The hand-wound calibre powering both Perpetual Moon timepieces can track the development of its segments with exceptional precision. A complete lunar cycle is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds. This shows impressive craftsmanship and precision engineering, which reflects the history of Arnold & Son. The watchmaking company has succeeded in representing it so that it would take 122 years for this movement, if regularly wound, to accumulate a day’s difference between its display and celestial reality.

A sapphire Crystal dome with an anti-reflective coating features on both sides, giving crystal clear viewing of the superb dial. The Perpetual Moon 41.5 shows hours, minutes, astronomical moon phases, and a second moon-phase indicator on the rear. It works using the A&S1512 calibre, mechanical movement with manual winding allowing a power reserve of ninety hours.

A close up view of the dial on the red gold model

Both models allow you to venture into the water with resistance to 100 ft or 30 m. You have an Alligator strap luxuriously hand-stitched in a gorgeous blue adorned with an 18-carat red gold pin buckle or white gold for the Platinum Perpetual Moon 41.5 version.

Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon – Where and How?

The Perpetual Moon made in Platinum will be strictly limited to twenty-eight timepieces costing CHF 46,500, including taxes. More information on this and other models can be found at

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The Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon 41.5 Models in Red Gold or Platinum 2

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