Experience the Aurora Sky Station from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Experience the Aurora Sky Station from the Comfort of Your Own Home

The lure of international travel is powerful right now; however, restrictions are making it more than a little tricky in some countries. However, all is not lost as the people at Lights over Lapland have created the Aurora Sky Station virtual reality experience that allows you to journey to this extraordinary place from the comfort of your own home.

Regular readers of Luxurious Magazine will know that we’re big fans of Sweden and, in particular, Swedish Lapland mainly because of the extraordinary natural beauty, peace and solitude it offers. Sadly, we currently don’t have the time to visit it, so we need to look at other ways, and the next best thing is a virtual reality experience at home.

A young lady experiencing the Northern Lights via a VR headset and a mobile phone

The Aurora Sky Station VR experience gives viewers the chance to head almost 3,000 ft up Mount Noulja by chairlift, where they can take in the extraordinary sights across the Arctic wilderness. Not only will viewers get the opportunity to experience stunning landscapes, but there’s also a certain something called the Northern Lights to see.

The Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park is one of the best places to see this fantastic light display, and in addition to this, viewers will get the chance to enjoy even more stunning views across the park and Lake Torneträsk.

The Northern Lights as seen in Sweden

Launched in 2004, the Aurora Sky Station was the original Northern Lights experience in the region. Prior to the pandemic outbreak, it was attracting around 5000 visitors from around the world each year.

Chad Blakley, the founder of Lights Over Lapland, said, “We wanted to give people a flavour of how spectacular the region is and found the best way to do it was to create immersive virtual experiences.”

Adding, “Having lived in Abisko for 14 years and visited the Aurora Sky Station hundreds of times, I can safely say that the new VR experience truly feels like you are there.”

The world-famous Ice Hotel can also be experienced through virtual reality

The Aurora Sky Station experience is part of a new range of virtual tours that includes a dog sledding adventure, reindeer sledding, a visit to the original ICEHOTEL and the opportunity to experience the Northern Lights on an evening Aurora hunt.

Reindeer sledding in Sweden

“If you’ve ever wanted to visit the Arctic and experience the Northern Lights – then come and try it out virtually before coming to see the real thing for yourself,” said Chad.

The latest virtual travel experience from Lights Over Lapland has been released to celebrate the launch of Lights Over Lapland’s new winter Northern Lights experience.

How to see the Northern Lights in person
Lights Over Lapland has introduced its new Ultimate Aurora Photo Adventure, which is now available from October to March. The adventure takes guests to the best possible locations where they’ll get the chance to enjoy the Northern Lights.

The price starts from £125 per person and offers three options to see the Lights. Depending on the weather and aurora forecast, guests will hunt for the lights on foot at a nearby Sami teepee, chase the lights in a modern 4×4 van, or ride on a cosy sleigh pulled behind a snowmobile to a wilderness camp.

This adds a new one-day experience to their popular multi-day trips, including the 4-night Aurora Escape.

A different view of the Northern Lights from the Aurora Sky Station

If you’d prefer something a little more special, there is a private tour, which tour costs from £1201.00 per person on a full board basis. The private tour allows you to experience the Northern Lights alongside a range of other Arctic activities with a private guide from the comfort of a traditional three-bedroom house in Absko village.

For more information on the Aurora Sky Station or any of the above experiences, please visit www.lightsoverlapland.com.

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Experience the Aurora Sky Station from the Comfort of Your Own Home 2


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