A First Look at the All New Axopar 45 Cross Top and Sun Top Boats

A First Look at the All New Axopar 45 Cross Top and Sun Top Boats

Axopar has expanded its range of offerings by adding two new boats, the Axopar 45 Cross Top (XT) and Sun Top (ST). The new boats represent the boatbuilder’s vision of the next generation of fast and confident open cruisers and bring an innovative take on open boating.

True boating and drivability in focus
The vision for the Axopar 45 range is to create one of the best and most thrilling boats to drive for their size, a feature and sensation owners will genuinely appreciate and value.

The company is obviously very proud of its Axopar 45s, as they allow owners to “stay true to boating”. Hard work in further developing its renowned hydrodynamics, not only in fuel efficiency but also in the ride dynamics, has enabled it to create a 45-footer that doesn’t feel anything like a bus or truck to drive, like many other boats in this size range.

These innovations enable owners, for the very first time, to switch up to a 45-foot day boat or commuter without the need to compromise the sensation of thrill and excitement, ride comfort and safety whilst driving, not forgetting fuel efficiency and a wide cruising speed range.

Let’s take a closer look at what the new Axopar models have to offer:

Livability onboard
With these new XT and ST models, the company has focused on onboard functionality and enjoyment, building on its philosophy of creating multiple functional and social spaces onboard.

The Axopar 45 Cross Top and Sun Top (feature image) is its interpretation of a perfect day spent out at sea in terms of sociability, functionality, and comfort. The 45s feature new onboard solutions and space utilisation that, in a way, have not been seen in the past.

These 45s are two of the most comprehensive and versatile open boats on the market, true go-anywhere boats with confident performance ideal for extended exploration and island hopping.

Friends enjoying some of the boats outdoor areas

Axopar has created five generous social areas onboard the 45 – the fore deck, helm, cockpit including the foldable balcony doors, the aft deck with many modules to select from to suit your own preference best, and the front lounge with the acclaimed functionality of the gullwing doors – offering a captivating a spacious sensation that will not go unnoticed when stepping onboard.

The sizeable cockpit is designed to provide a seamless blend of relaxation and entertainment, featuring comfortable seating for many persons and a well-equipped and uncluttered helm station.

A woman enjoying the views on the side of the boatThanks to the extra wide sociable sofa that wraps around the cockpit wet bar, a large dining area, and the option for a U-sofa or an aft cabin on the aft deck, there is plenty of room to entertain guests.

The centrally positioned balcony doors provide safety whilst opened, and they also expand the lounging space and even serve as a platform for watersports activities, further stepping up the livability onboard.

Hungry guests needn’t worry, as there is a fixed cockpit wet bar, optional fender box wet bar, and several fridges onboard to make meal storage and preparations easy.

Those going for the U-sofa option on the Cross Top or Sun Top’s aft deck will not only have a perfect dining area on the aft deck that they can transform into a large-size sun bed but also gain the convenience of two extra on-deck storage boxes and an insulated compartment on top of the backrest, perfect for keeping your beverages on ice.

The modular layout allows for easy customisation and versatility of space for this type of boat, accommodating various activities and preferences.

In times when the weather turns, the Cross Top and Sun Top are equipped for all-weather boating and fully enclosable with roll-down canopies, keeping the passengers dry and comfortable without any fear of windchill inside the boat.

The Cross Top travelling at speed

Axopar 45 Cross Top (XT)
With the launch of the new Axopar 45 Cross Top, Axopar is bringing its signature “cabin boat” looks to the open boat segment. Its fully enclosed best seller, the 45 Cross Cabin (XC), can transform in seconds into an open boat experience, and the new 45 Cross Top acts as a “reverse” hybrid between the ST and XC models, allowing the best aspects of open and enclosed boating.

The boat also allows owners to stay in close contact with the water, keeping the excitement of the open sea and never disconnecting them from the elements for the sheer joy of driving.

The Cross Top moored in a marina

Ideal for a diverse range of maritime enthusiasts, from VIP shuttles and superyacht tender captains to boating enthusiasts craving light protection from the weather, the Cross Top delivers enhanced comfort behind the helm.

For those longing to explore further or enjoy longer days out at sea, the wraparound, negative-angle windshield not only shelters the front row from wind chill and spray but also reduces glare and droplet buildup on the glass.

An aerial view of the sun top model

Axopar 45 Sun Top (ST)
The new Axopar 45 Sun Top, designed to be versatile, seamlessly fuses the joys of open-air boating adventures into an unforgettable experience on the water. As a fully open boat, the thoroughly designed Sun-Top is the perfect boat for the sun worshipper who prefers that open-air sensation.

The helm boasts modern looks, and the onboard space enables captains to navigate with confidence while keeping the passengers connected to their natural surroundings. The sporty visual dynamics are not only made for the looks but also provide owners with an unmatched experience for a boat of its size, along with clear, interrupted views from all around the boat.

Axopar 45 – One of the most fuel-efficient boats on the market
Axopar sees a growing demand and an expanding segment for 40-foot boats, where we are filling the gap between smaller motorboats and bigger luxury yachts. In this segment, it is dedicated to utilising its knowledge to develop one of the most fuel-efficient boats in its category without compromising drivability and thrills behind the wheel.

One of the most prominent features of the Axopar 45 range is its capability to comfortably cruise with an ultra-wide range where the boat is still very fuel efficient, ranging between 22 knots up to 35 knots at around 4l/NM, depending on equipment and load.

Its ability to maintain high cruising speeds of up to 40 knots in variable sea states or choppy wave conditions and with a top speed of 50 knots is quite remarkable figures for a boat of its size.

The Axopar 45’s impressive range of +340 nautical miles means you can easily take the boats over from Florida to the Bahamas and back or from Palma to Barcelona without refuelling. It also offers another significant benefit, and it’s that it consumes anywhere from 20% to 50% less fuel than most of its rivals.

Key features of the Axopar 45:

Friends enjoying some food and drink on deck

Sociable space
Stepping onboard the Axopar 45, the large social areas will capture the attention right away. With five massive social spaces on the boat – the fore deck, helm, cockpit including the balcony doors, aft deck, and the front lounge with the gullwing doors – the sense of spaciousness is simply undeniable. In the cockpit, the wraparound sofa around the wet bar offers additional seats for dinner guests.

Balcony doors
Driven by a usability and safety perspective, Axopar decided to incorporate an innovative new solution, which is raised balcony doors. Amid-ship is where all the social activity is centred on the boat, and this solution extends the usable seating space without sacrificing safety or comfort onboard.

A rear view of the 45 slowly cruising around a harbour

Fuel efficiency
One of the most prominent features of the Axopar 45 range is its capability to comfortably cruise with an ultra-wide range where the boat is still very fuel efficient, ranging between 22 knots up to 35 knots around 4l/NM, and even consuming up to 50% less fuel than most rivals.

Outstanding drivability
Although larger in every way, the 45 feels just like driving the sporty Axopar 37. It keeps the same nimble, agile, and best-in-class driving experience that defines a true Axopar. Another point to note is many of its rivals require more power or even more engines to match the Axopar 45’s top speed of up to 50 knots with its 3 x 300 hp V8 Mercury Verado engines.

Protected helm (45 XT)
The distinct wraparound windshield on the Cross Top protects the driver and co-drivers from wind and rain. Equipped for all-weather boating, the XT and ST come with a fully enclosable canopy, keeping the passengers dry and comfortable without the windchill inside the boat.

Inside one of the 45 models


  • Axopar 45 Sun Top starting price excluding engines: 404,900 € excl. VAT
  • Axopar 45 Cross Top starting price excluding engines: 414,900 € excl. VAT

Selection of key options

  • Aft cabin €23,730
  • U-sofa 12 €900
  • Wetbar in Fender box €5,500
  • Mediterrana Edition €8,900
  • Twin Simrad NSO 16’ MFD €7,300
  • Windlass, bow €12,500
  • JL Audio Premium Sound €6,930
  • BRABUS Line €9,340

Technical Specifications* for the Axopar 45 Cross Top & Sun Top

  • Overall Length (excl. Engines): 13,90 m (45ft 7in)
  • Draft (excl. Engines): 0,85 m (2ft 10in)
  • Beam: 4,11 m (13ft 6in)
  • Berths: 2 persons (+2 w. optional aft cabin)
  • Weights (approx. excl engines): 6500kg (14330 lbs)
  • Fuel capacity: 1390 l (368 gal)
  • Construction: GRP
  • Classification: B – Offshore / C – Coastal
  • Passengers: B:12 / C:16
  • Max speed range: up to 50 knots
  • Fuel efficiency: 4.0 l/nm at 32 knots
  • Outboard engines: 3 x 300 hp
  • Fresh water: 280 l
  • Wastewater: 120 l (32 gal)

*for base boat

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A side view of the sun top on calm waterA First Look at the All New Axopar 45 Cross Top and Sun Top Boats 2

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