The Supplement Guru’s Explain Ayurveda and Detail 6 of its Health Benefits

Supplement Specialists Explain Ayurveda and Detail 6 of its Health Benefits

Ayurveda, alongside holistic medicines and things such as meditation, are often viewed as things to avoid, and this is, in the main, down to a lack of knowledge. In this guide, Birpal Virdee and Sheetal Virdee, the people behind SHIELD, shed some light on Ayurveda and how it can help you.

The wellness world can often feel like a bit of a minefield, especially when there are so many buzzy new ingredients and holistic areas to learn about. How do we cut through the noise and find out what works? Sometimes it’s best to focus on one area at a time to understand the specific benefits.

Pharmacist Birpal Virdee, and co-founder of Supplement Guru, Sheetal Virdee, are here to do just that. After launching SHIELD, an all in one supplement packed full of immunity boosting ingredients; they are here to talk to us about Ayurveda, which lies at the forefront of why they created this product.

What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old life science which hails back to ancient India. The name is a Sanskrit word that means “The Science of Life”. For thousands of years, Vedic masters have been teaching disciples about it via word of mouth, and although there are some written recordings of this, there is still a great deal waiting to be discovered.

Ayurveda looks at the being as a whole, encompassing the mind and the body – a truly holistic approach to wellbeing. As one of the oldest healing systems in the world, it has been called the ‘Mother of all Healing’.

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Ayurveda teaches us to see the world as it relates to the elements in life – fire, water, air, ether and earth. Its teachings show that there is a very important connection between these elements in relation to your body type, known as “doshas”. Your Dosha is your individual and unique health and body type. There are three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each Dosha is made up of its own elements. Vata Dosha consists of air and ether, fire and water combining to make up Pitta Dosha, and Kapha Dosha constitutes of water and earth.

Ayurveda explains that every being has its own balance of these doshas, and to create a sense of wellbeing, one must look to live in that balance. It teaches that all ill health stems from an in-balance in the body (an in-balance of their Dosha) and that if corrected soon enough, ill health can be easily avoided.

What are some of the health benefits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle?

  1. Reduced stress levels
  2. Better digestion
  3. Reduced toxins in the body
  4. Better cellular health
  5. Greater sense of wellbeing
  6. Anti-ageing

How can you include it in your lifestyle?
Ayurvedic practices essentially encourage whole body healing, which can include your physical, mental and emotional health. One of the best ways to introduce Ayurveda is through diet, more specifically through effective food supplements such as SHIELD.

As Birpal and Sheetal have been kind enough to enlighten us on Ayurveda, it would be rather unfair of us to not allow them the time to talk about SHIELD, which they have spent countless hours perfecting and the benefits it can bring.

This supplement is made to be balanced for all doshas and suitable for all body types. It works to cleanse your system by containing amla powder, ginger powder, and turmeric extract, three powerful Ayurvedic ingredients rich in antioxidants that help rid your body of cell damaging free radicals.

A bottle of the SHIELD supplement

What are the main health benefits of SHIELD?

Helps to support a healthy immune system
The Shield supplement is packed with antioxidants such as Vitamin D, C and Zinc to help support a stronger immune system and keep you protected against external threats.

Protects against harmful free-radical damage
It protects against harmful free radical damage by containing amla powder and turmeric extract. Not only are these powerful antioxidant ingredients, but they may also help to slow down the ageing process and keep you looking younger for longer.

Premium Quality: Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, No Allergens
It is a pharmacist-approved formula that uses carefully selected vegan, halal, and kosher ingredients. It’s non-GMO and doesn’t contain gluten, lactose, or nuts. All bodies are not designed the same, so we’ve kept our Shield free from any nasties to make it safe for all.

You can purchase SHIELD online at

A bit more about Supplement Guru:
Birpal graduated with a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from London’s Kingston University in 2011. After completing his pre-reg year in 2012, he worked across many disciplines within the Pharmacy and Healthcare world. Through his extensive experience in healthcare, he has come into contact with thousands of patients. Providing the highest level of professional healthcare is of the utmost importance to him.

Growing up with many entrepreneurial role models, he always knew that combining his passion for healthcare and his entrepreneurial mindset would fulfil him. His vision is to do the best he can to add value to people’s wellbeing for a healthier and more purposeful tomorrow.

From a young age, Sheetal was massively influenced by her Aunty and Mother, who practised Ayurveda – the ancient Indian science of life. She saw first-hand how they used this ancient science to keep them in their very best of health. To Sheetal, Ayurveda just made sense, a simple and logical explanation of life and wellbeing, one which she then began to apply to her own life and saw instant benefits. Ever since learning about Ayurveda, Sheetal has led life by following the ancient practices and built a huge passion for holistic health and fitness. Sheetal’s dreams of becoming an entrepreneur to share her passion for wellbeing and knowledge of Ayurveda with others came true through Supplement Guru.

A passionate Pharmacist and a holistic health enthusiast put their heads together when they realised something was missing. Sheetal would often teach her friends and colleagues the importance of self-care and easy healthy life hacks based on Ayurveda.

Often her co-workers and friends would come back and tell her how much better they felt! After talking with Birpal, they realised how they could help more people. They decided to put their unique skills together and started working on their vision, as husband and wife and as business partners. Their why grew stronger as the COVID-19 virus hit and highlighted even more so the importance of wellbeing.

In 2021 after two years of hard work, late nights and a global pandemic, Supplement Guru was born. The goal – is to better the health and wellbeing of the people of the world by giving them the gift of health and empowering them to feel their best. Supplement Guru aims to inspire people to reach their optimum level of wellbeing, whatever that may be for each individual. With the use of ancient Indian herbs and combining them uniquely with clinical grade benefit-driven vitamins, we give you the ultimate nutrition for the body – For a Better, Healthier You.

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The Supplement Guru's Explain Ayurveda and Detail 6 of its Health Benefits 2

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