The Baker & The Bottleman in Wan Chai Unveils New Sweet and Savoury Creations

The Baker & The Bottleman in Wan Chai Unveils New Sweet and Savoury Creations

Since opening in January 2022, The Baker & The Bottleman has brought a refreshing take on quintessential British bakes to the gourmet and lifestyle oasis of Wan Chai’s Lee Tung Avenue. Head Baker Helene Ng and the team are broadening the bakery’s offerings by adding new sweet and savoury pastries, sandwiches, and other baked goods, which are available for dine-in, upstairs, and takeaway.

Striving to embody founder Simon Rogan’s ethos, The Baker & The Bottleman places sustainability at the core of its concept, emphasising locally sourced ingredients, artisanal techniques, and eco-friendly practices. Embracing a strong British heritage through traditional baking methods and flavours, the bakery’s skilled bakers and chefs produce each item in-house from scratch, demonstrating a commitment to quality and authenticity.

Head Baker Helene Ng and Ben Lee

The bakery’s newest products boast an enticing array of offerings, including croissants, pastries, savoury items, sweet treats, sandwiches, and bread loaves, all thoughtfully curated to marry sustainability with exceptional taste.

An insight into the new creations
From Croissants & Pastries, enjoy the decadent allure of Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Croissant Crisp (HK$40), where chocolate and hazelnut mingle in perfect harmony within every crispy layer, or the more exotic choice of Pistachio Croissant Crisp (HK$40).

The unique Doughnut Jam Croissant (HK$35) is a delightful fusion of two beloved classics featuring a sweet and fruity jam filling. For a comforting sweetness, look for the Bacon Maple Walnut Bun, Mixed Berry Crumble Bun and Apple Crumble Bun (HK$40 each).

Apple and mixed berry crumble bun

From the warm notes of maple to the tangy burst of berries, the buns offer an array of flavours to satisfy every palate.

Moving on to delectable Savoury Treats, indulge in the wholesome goodness of Vegetable Quiche (HK$45), Ham & Cheese Quiche (HK$48), and the perfection of a classic English Scotch Egg (HK$65).

Four pieces of Banoffee Choux

For those with a penchant for Sweet Treats, opt for the Banoffee Choux (HK$35) and Mango and Coconut Choux, priced at HK$35 each, the Double Chocolate Rye Muffin (HK$28) or the Miso & Toffee Flapjack Cookie (HK$25 each).

The Sandwiches selection offers a variety of options, like the Vegetable Focaccia (HK$48), Hoisin Duck Baguette (HK$55), and Salmon Baguette (HK$55), all crafted to offer a satisfying meal-on-the-go without compromising on taste. Finally, the Bread & Loaves include the rustic charm of Simon Rogan‘s famous Soda Bread (HK$55) and the classic simplicity of the Baguette (HK$22) baked to perfection.

Two photographs of wine being poured and held

The first Wine Down Hour
Join The Baker & The Bottleman for their first ever Wine Down Hour (happy hour) starting on 24th June at the ground floor bakery, which transforms into a vibrant social hub in the evening. With happy hour now available daily from 5-7 pm, guests can enjoy an array of sundowners, including Beer, White/Red Wines, Whiskey Green Lemongrass Highball (HK$90), and the quintessential British summer Pimm’s Cocktail (HK$70).

The happy hour experience can be enhanced with a total of 11 snack options that include a savoury selection of cured meats with house breads (HK$125), a selection of artisanal cheeses with house breads (HK$125), The Baker & The Bottleman’s signature Fish Burger (HK$160), Anchovy and Smoked Nduja on toasted Focaccia (HK$88) and more.

With drinks priced from HK$50-HK$120 and snacks starting from HK$30 onwards, happy hour just got happier on Lee Tung Avenue.

Address: Shop Nos. G14-15, G/F, F15A, 1/F, Lee Tung Avenue, 200 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

The Baker & The Bottleman in Wan Chai Unveils New Sweet and Savoury Creations 2

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