Belvedere Organic Infusions Brings Some Exciting New Flavours to Summer

Belvedere's Organic Infusions Brings Flavour and Fun to the Summer Months

Belvedere has been producing the highest quality vodka in its hometown of Zyrardów for more than a century, and you’d think that during this time, there’d be nothing left for them to achieve. However, 2021 has produced a couple of firsts for the company, and one of them is its very tasty Organic Infusions range, which is the premium vodka makers first certified organic spirits.

Over the past few days, we’ve seemingly been focusing our writing on drinks. However, there is a good reason behind this; we want to get you outdoors to help top up on the Vitamin D and, at the same time, start having some much-needed fun. The best place we can think of is the garden (providing you have one), and in respect of this, we’re looking at some of the tastier tipples that could bring a smile to you and your guests’ faces when you invite them for a get-together.

For this article, we’re looking at the latest offering from Belvedere, who is known for producing the world’s first super-premium vodka. Their latest offering is called Organic Infusions and comprises three delicious flavours which use organic Polish rye vodka, which is infused with organic fruits and botanicals.

We recently published a guide to botanical beverages; if you missed it, you could read it here. The Belvedere Organic Infusions range would’ve been a shoo-in for the guide, but the story behind it deserves more than a couple of paragraphs, so we decided to dedicate a piece to it in its own right.

A field of Rye Grain

A first for the renowned vodka makers
The Belvedere Organic Infusions are the renowned drinks brand’s first certified organic spirits. What this means is they contain only farmed ingredients that are free from additives, artificial pesticides and chemicals. It’s not just the 100% traceable ingredients that go into each bottle that makes it a certified organic spirit; the whole supplier process and every part of the production process are also subjected to checks and balances in order to get this accreditation.

The overall result of this is a far more natural tasting drink where each ingredient can shine through in its own right. Belvedere prides itself on the quality of the components inside each bottle, and this is very apparent with the three delicious varieties in the Organic Infusions range.

For well over 100 years, Belvedere has been perfecting the art of vodka making, constantly experimenting until they achieve what they deem are the very best flavour profiles. They only use the best ingredients and marry these with natural essences, which produces a layered, balanced flavour.

These flavour profiles range from vibrant and crisp to fresh and bright. Each variation of the Organic Infusions range offers a unique flavour combination that is not typically found in other vodka’s.

The three flavours of Belvedere Organic Infusions

The three flavours in the Organic Infusions range comprise of:

  • Lemon & Basil with a touch of Elderflower
    A succulent texture with lemon tart and herbaceous basil, followed by floral elderflower and juicy Muscat grapes.
  • Pear & Ginger with a drop of Linden Honey
    A luscious mouthfeel of juicy pear, warm spiced ginger and rich set honey.
  • Blackberry & Lemongrass with a hint of sage
    A rich texture of ripe blackberries and fragrant sage, with notes of peppery lemongrass and vanilla.

Belvedere has worked incredibly hard to create their new Organic Infusions range, and we’ve been lucky enough to receive a bottle which we’ve now finished, and yes, we loved it! It’s the type of drink that would go down a treat with friends on the beach or in the park. You could also use it as a pre or post tipple while dining outside this summer. The Organic Infusions range also works incredibly well in cocktails, but if your mixology skills aren’t up to scratch, it’s also perfect just as a refreshing Vodka Soda.

How it’s made
Belvedere’s Organic Infusions is made from 100% traceable Polish Rye, purified water, and fire distillation. The Polish Rye is what helps to differentiate Belvedere from others. It is a unique heritage grain that has remained the same since ancient times. The rye is sourced from just eight local partners and is key to their vodka’s distinctive taste, depth and character. The water used in their vodka is also rather unique; it comes from an artesian well, which is located on the grounds of the distillery.

Belvedere utilises the skills of its Master Rye Distillers, who have countless years of vodka-making expertise, to make its super-premium spirits. The master rye distillers use fire to quadruple-distil the vodka, which is then combined with 100%-certified organic fruits and botanicals, and the result is a delicious, multi-layered organic flavoured vodka.

Belvedere ‘walks the walk’ when it comes to sustainability
Some companies use sustainability as a new opportunity to win more business through clever marketing, which we like to call the ‘smoke and mirror’ effect. Belvedere is different and puts their money where their mouth is. As we’ve mentioned, the unique rye used in the products is a vital component to the flavour of their products. To ensure it can continue to be produced in the right way, they created the Raw Spirit Program with the Technical University of Lodz to ensure sustainable growth.

In addition to this, they are the co-founders of the Foundation of Local Environmental Protection and only use sustainable packaging. In a process that began back in 2012, the vodka brand has been able to reduce its energy CO2 emissions by a whopping 42% by shifting fuel sources.

The launch of their Organic Infusions range isn’t the only ‘first’ for the vodka producers in 2021; this year also saw them introduce a biomass capture facility on site. This will help them start producing 100% renewable energy and reduce energy-related CO2 emissions by 80%, resulting in them becoming fully energy carbon neutral within a year.

Belvedere Organic Infusions – Where and How?

New Belvedere Organic Infusions are available from Selfridges at RRP £44.99, as well as Amazon, The Whisky Exchange and selected bars and restaurants nationwide. For more information on the other products in the Belvedere range and more details of the company and its vodka making processes, visit

Remember to please always drink responsibly

As we mentioned earlier, we want you to (safely) enjoy the outdoors during the summer months. We’d hate to think of you sitting there glum-faced when the weather turns, particularly after all the restrictions over the past 16 or so months. So, enjoy the sunshine while you can and, better still, why not add some fun and flavour to the occasion? Please don’t forget that whenever drinking an alcohol-based product, be responsible and always consume alcoholic drinks in moderation.

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