World’s Best Sommelier, Andreas Larsson’s Top Wines for English Wine Week

World's Best Sommelier, Andreas Larsson's Best Wines for English Wine Week

On Saturday, 17th June 2023, English Wine Week returns for another year, showcasing the exceptional quality of English wines. For this guide, the wine expert and winner of ‘Best Sommelier of the World’, Andreas Larsson, shares his top wine choices for celebrating English Wine Week.

From Kent and Surrey to Sussex and Hampshire, there are now 45 counties within the UK that produce some of the most delicious English Wines and this week, many wine enthusiasts around the world look to take a moment to honour the remarkable stories, craftmanship, and flavours that have firmly established England as a significant force in the world of wine.

So, Andreas, you’ve mentioned English wine reaching a good quality level over the years, but what is making English Wine stand out now more than ever before?
Andreas: Although the English Wine business is still relatively young, it has matured significantly. The growers within the UK are more confident in what they want to achieve in both viticultural and wine-making practices. Each year the vineyards have also gained maturity as the older vines are giving better fruit.

A couple enjoying some English Wine by a Canal

Can you tell us a little bit more about other varieties and styles you recommend more than others?
Andreas: Traditional English sparkling wines are tremendously good and considered an established style. One of my favourite producers is Gusborne, who produces lovely pure and stylish wines, similar to Nyetimber with a magnificent range of bubbles.”

What regions produce the best English wines, and are there any to watch out for?
Andreas: Sussex, which accounts for roughly a fourth of English wine, is generally considered the leading region together with Kent. Both regions offer great potential with their slightly warmer climate (compared to the rest of England) and chalky soils.

The renowned producer Taittinger was the first Champagne house to invest in Kent back in 2015. As the saying goes – if you can’t beat them, join them!

Who are the standout British wine producers you’re enjoying right now?
Andreas: As mentioned, one of my favourite producers is Gusborne, which produces lovely pure and stylish wines. However, if you prefer a still wine, I recommend Chapel Down and Hush Heath, as they produce some spectacular tasting bottles too.

When looking to host a party, what English wines would you say are best to stock up on for the celebration?
Andreas: English sparkling, of course! It’s a wonderful style of wine which has reached a very good quality level and is the perfect accompaniment for a celebratory canapé. The 2014 Nyetimber Blanc de Blancs is a great choice!

Over the last few years, English Wines have continued to become increasingly popular, but which other countries are the best, emerging nations for wines?
Andreas: Apart from the evolution we see in the established countries, some off-the-radar regions to look out for would be Moldova, Armenia, Croatia and Cyprus.

Andreas Larsson and the ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet

How should I store my wine?
Andreas: An important factor to consider when serving wine is to ensure the drink is stored correctly. Not only is the temperature important to control but also the humidity. The storing environment should correspond to the humidity of a natural cellar, free of vibrations and light.

Andreas Larsson credits ASKO’s Wine Climate Cabinet as being a perfect option for consumers to store their wine.

The benefit of having a wine climate cabinet is it stores your wine under perfect conditions. What I like about the wine climate cabinet is the serving area.

It keeps the bottles at the correct temperatures and will even store your glasses and utensils. Plus, you can set the light and change the warmth, colour and intensity to fit your mood and your environment. And this means that you can put the wine climate cabinet anywhere in your home.

The recommended temperature for serving red wine is between 12˚C and 18˚C whereas the ideal temperature for white wine is between 8˚C and 12˚C.

Inside the storage drawer in the Wine Climate Cabinet

About ASKO’s Wine Climate Cabinet
The Climate Cabinet is a worry-free way to store wine as it contains three temperature zones for different types of wine, each of which can be meticulously controlled.

Not only does it chill drinks perfectly, but it also features a Virtual Sommelier feature – allowing you to learn more about your wine’s provenance and tasting notes, so you always have an “Andreas Larsson” at hand to share top tips.

If you’d prefer something a little smaller, ASKO also has an Under-Counter Wine Cooler in its current lineup. It has a high quality and a sleek and minimalistic finish and will be a secure home for your precious wine collection, storing the bottles in the best possible conditions. It’s also a great option for consumers looking to save space.

If you would like more information on ASKO’s wine storage solutions, and to view the company’s full product portfolio, visit

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