Bier Company’s 90 cm Tall Ultimate Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Bier Company's 90 cm Tall Ultimate Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Bier Company is literally taking advent calendars to new heights by launching one that stands an impressive 90 cm tall and is stuffed full to the brim with delicious craft beer, tasty snacks and goodies, and a magical festive message.

Yes, we know it’s a little early for us to be writing about Christmas, but the subject of this piece deserves an early mention as it needs to be received about one month before the special day.

It won’t have escaped people’s notice that it is less than 100 days before it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without an advent calendar. Never one’s to do things by halves, the Bier Company has just launched theirs, and it measures a whopping 3 feet tall!

Inside this festive giant are 25 craft beers from twenty-five award-winning UK craft breweries, including IPA’s, Pale Ales, and lagers, which should ensure that the recipient has a very merry Christmas. And as with other traditional advent calendars, each time a door is opened, there will be a goody or two to enjoy, which will help raise anticipation for the big day.

Setting the scene
Just imagine how great it would be to sit in your fluffy lounge clothes, warmed by the fire, with limited edition Bier Company glassware in hand, filled with your favourite brew. You reach over to the coffee table and grab a handful of Bier nuts from the tin, making that all-too-familiar sound as you do it; you know the one; it’s the noise you’d imagine a whale would make if it had a blocked blowhole, whilst licking your lip and gently setting down the glass on a limited edition mat.

The advent calendar standing proud in the living room

Spoiler Alert! And when the big day does come, and if you like surprises, skip to the next paragraph; there is a very special treat behind the most important of all the windows, the one with 25 on it, as behind it is a Golden Ticket for a free box of beers from the Bier Club.

Stefan White, the founder of Bier company, said, “Christmas is my favourite time of year; it’s the month of family togetherness. We’ve spent nearly a year planning our Christmas range, and we’re so happy to finally unveil The Ultimate Advent Calendar for 2022.

“We wanted to make the most spectacular, thoughtful, eye-catching advent calendar ever for all the family to enjoy, and I can’t wait to send one to my Dad.

“This is truly a box for life; the advent calendar is so fantastic you can even pack it away with the decorations and then re-order beers next year to fill it with for a discount or even gift it on to somebody special – making it a sustainable option too. We hope you all love it!”

If you want to get your hands on the Bier Company’s Advent Calendar, there is an Early Bird offer at just £79.95, which is £50 off the £129.95 RRP, and it is available to purchase now from their website

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The rear of the calendar with its special message and some of the windows waiting to be openedBier Company's 90 cm Tall Ultimate Craft Beer Advent Calendar 2

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