Black Insomnia Launches Compostable Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods

The Black Insomnia 100% Compostable Coffee Pods

Each day, countless numbers of coffee pods are ending up in landfill sites, and something needs to be done. Black Insomnia Coffee Company is addressing this with their 100% home compostable coffee pods, which are also Nespresso©-compatible.

Let’s face it, most of us can’t get through the day without a cup of coffee, but our habit has become an environmental scourge. It’s estimated that 95 million cups of coffee are drunk daily in the UK.

As a result, some 20 billion pods around the globe end up in landfill, and it will take up to 500 years before these break down. By 2025, the global coffee pod and capsule market are expected to reach a staggering $29.2 billion. Therefore, the need to find sustainable solutions is even more vital to protect the environment.

But there is no reason why your favoured caffeine-fix should be bad for the environment because many brands are now offering an eco-alternative. One such example is the UK-based Black Insomnia Coffee Company, the maker of the world’s strongest medium roast coffee. They have unveiled a revolutionary Nespresso©-compatible coffee pod which is 100% home compostable.

Box of Black Insomnia Compostable Coffee Pods with beans

These new pods are an eco-friendly alternative to the standards plastic and aluminium capsules and have certified as ‘OK compost Home’ by TÜV Austria. For those unfamiliar with what this means, essentially you can dispose of them alongside standard household food waste, and they’ll even compost in your garden in under six weeks.

Something obviously needs to be done to address this as research shows that almost 40,000 coffee capsules are produced every minute, and around 75% of these are ending up in a landfill site.

Even recycling capsules is not an ideal solution as doing this uses vasts amounts of energy. The only obvious way to avoid this in these current times is by using compostable pods, and Black Insomnia is first in the UK to adopt this eco-friendly solution.

Jim Walker, the CEO of Black Insomnia, said that the use of coffee pods growing massively over recent years has resulted in issues with recycling. Traditionally manufactured versions can’t be easily recycled, which end up in landfill and therefore have a significant damaging impact on the environment.

With this in mind, they wanted to find a way of making their smooth tasting coffee available in pods which were eco-friendly at the same time. They’ve now managed to go one step further than standard recyclable pods by providing 100% compostable home versions for ultimate convenience.

Cup of Black Insomnia coffee on a desk

Black Insomnia is made using traditional barrel roasting techniques. It offers a rich, smooth taste thanks to a mix of beans including Robusta and Arabica. It is also, when compared to other coffees, a good deal stronger.

If you’re wondering exactly how strong Black Insomnia coffee is, here are some facts. It has been certified as having 1105mg of caffeine per standard 12oz mug. This means it is more than four times the strength of other typical high street brands. So if you’re looking for a proper kickstart to your morning, you need to look no further!

Keeping coffee fresh is vital, and Black Insomnia achieves this by using shells from sunflower seeds which provide natural protection against light and oxygen that are both damaging to coffee.

Black Insomnia – Where and How?

Headquartered in the UK, Black Insomnia sells ground coffee, coffee beans, Nespresso© compatible pods and coffee drip bags. The home compostable coffee pods for Nespresso© machines retail at £19.95, and the price includes free shipping.

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Black Insomnia Launches Compostable Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods 2


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