New Survey Reveals 12.3 Million Brits are Left Uninspired in the Bedroom

New Survey Reveals 12.3 Million Brits are Left Uninspired in the bedroom

A nationwide survey by Silentnight has revealed 40 per cent of Brits are unhappy with their bedrooms, with the most common complaints including them being too small, the beds being uncomfortable, and they don’t like the colour scheme. To help address this, Silentnight’s sleep experts have joined forces with Crown Paints to help people to find joy in their bedrooms.

Some of the most important things everyone should be doing are getting enough sleep, eating the right foods and exercising the mind and body. It is no secret that sleep is vital for maintaining good health, and the bedroom is where people go to unwind and catch up on it.

Sleep is the foundation of good health; if you don’t get enough, there’s little point in watching what you eat or exercising. Experts frequently state that everyone should aim for seven to nine hours of sleep; without this, it will negatively impact the body’s genes. Lack of sleep has been shown to lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, strokes, and more. In simple terms, the shorter the sleep, the shorter the life.

It is, therefore, rather shocking to discover that almost half of Brits have admitted to being fed up with uninspiring bedroom spaces that don’t allow them to relax, according to new national research conducted by Silentnight.

The study found that 40 per cent of us are unhappy with our current bedrooms, which means that more than 12.3 million Brits are sleeping in rooms they hate entirely. The findings also revealed that the size of the bedroom is what’s making us the most unhappy, with 42 per cent believing their bedroom space is too small to enjoy, while other factors making us sad include the colour of the room (33 per cent) and uncomfortable beds (28 per cent).

A beautiful bedroom with centrepiece being the Comfort 21 Mattress from Silentnight

According to the study, one in four Brits believe the bed should be the most important feature of the bedroom, but one in three of us say that they would change their bed or mattress first if they had the chance.

Other things we’d like to change include the colour of our sleeping spaces (22 per cent), top-of-bed furnishings (16 per cent) and lighting (10 per cent).

A staggering 67 per cent of us believe that bedroom spaces should make us feel relaxed, but less than half of those surveyed could say that their current space relaxed them, with 66 per cent believing that bedroom spaces and, in particular, the colour of the bedroom has an impact on sleep quality.

The colours the homeowners surveyed think will be the most relaxing are neutral colours, including white, beige, and grey.

On average, we spend around 151 days a year in our bedrooms which equates to almost half a lifetime, making it the most used room in the house.

For many of us (60 per cent), the bedroom is also a multifunctional space, doubling up as an office (22 per cent), games room (18 per cent) and even home gym (21 per cent). Almost three-quarters (71 per cent) believe that their multifunctional bedroom has a negative impact on their quality of sleep.

To help Brits fall in love with their bedrooms again, Silentnight has teamed up with one of the UK’s leading paint brands, Crown Paints, on a series of activations designed to bring joy to the bedroom via colour and design.

A green bed with scalloped fabric headboard in a room with green and light brown walls

Jason McIlvenny, Senior Brand and Insights Manager at Silentnight, said, “We spend pretty much half our life in our bedroom, so it’s eye-opening to see that for many of us, it’s one of the spaces we dislike the most.

“Partnering with Crown, we want to help people fall back in love with their bedrooms by offering design and colour inspiration to give people everything they need to create the bedroom of their dreams.

“Strengthening the relationship between sleep and design is something we feel passionate about at Silentnight, ensuring we offer a complete sleep experience for our customers.”

A young girl smiling as she sleeps

Justyna Korczynska, a Senior Designer at Crown, added, “We’re excited to partner with Silentnight over the next few months in a bid to get Britain sleeping well again. Sleep is vital for a healthy, happy lifestyle, and the colour of a bedroom really can impact a good night’s rest.

“Colours that take inspiration from nature, like greys, neutrals and greens, provide a sense of security and warmth which helps us unwind and relax, giving us the best chances for a restful sleep.”

For more information and bedroom design inspiration, visit Silentnight or Crown Paints online.

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