Italian Jewellery Brand BUCCELLATI Opens Luxury Boutique at MGM MACAU

Italian Jewellery Brand BUCCELLATI Opens Luxury Boutique at MGM MACAU

The renowned Italian jewellery brand Buccellati has opened a new boutique at MGM MACAU. To celebrate the occasion, Buccellati is hosting an exhibition titled “Timeless Beauty with Century-Old Craftsmanship”, which will offer a first-hand experience of the company’s unique style and craftsmanship.

Buccellati is showcasing its wares in a big way in Macau this year. In addition to opening a new luxury boutique, its second in the city, the renowned brand is also hosting the “Timeless Beauty with Century-Old Craftsmanship”, which includes a live demonstration of the conventional Rigato carving technique by Buccellati artisans.

One of the brand artisans carvingThis exhibition focuses on the brand’s jewellery craftsmanship rooted in the Renaissance, showcasing the iconic Rigato technique, one of Buccellati’s traditional carving skills.

The luxurious art décor of MGM, which seamlessly blends Eastern and Western cultural influences, is serving as the backdrop for the exhibition, highlighting Macau’s unique diversity and precious cultural heritage and celebrating craftsmanship and art of living.

Together with Buccellati’s century-long tradition of exquisite craftsmanship and dedication to the pursuit of art, this collaboration creates an enchanting artistic journey that will captivate and mesmerize guests.

Lion pieces created by the jewellery brand

Mr. Andrea Buccellati said, “Since its establishment in 1919, Buccellati has consistently upheld its commitment to delivering prestigious jewellery of exceptional quality, outstanding creativity, and exquisite craftsmanship.

By opening the boutique at MGM MACAU and unveiling the Buccellati art appreciation exhibition, we hope to provide Macau and the whole Greater Bay Area consumers with a first-hand experience of Buccellati’s unique Italian style and extraordinary craftsmanship. Additionally, MGM MACAU will serve as an artistic haven, showcasing the timeless artistry of Buccellati.”

As a captivating fashion landmark in Macau, MGM MACAU is an internationally renowned five-star resort hotel with a height of 115 meters. With 600 rooms and a wide array of restaurants, bars, and lounges, the hotel offers a dynamic and fashionable ambience in every aspect.

Its wave-shaped glass façade beautifully reflects the azure South China Sea and its surging waves. The choice of MGM MACAU as the venue for both Buccellati boutiques in Macau is a testament to the hotel’s embodiment of the brand’s refined “art of living” concept. It serves as an ideal platform for showcasing craftsmanship, quality, creativity, and art appreciation.

“From my childhood memories, Buccellati has always been one of my mother’s favourite jewellery brands. This brand has been passed down to the third generation, and for me, this lineage holds special significance.

Buccellati stands out in its steadfast commitment to preserving the ancient and exceptional craftsmanship of Italy. In today’s world, this commitment is highly treasured, and it aligns perfectly with MGM’s pursuit and promotion of the craftsmanship spirit,” said Ms. Pansy Ho.

Buccellati’s boutique is located on the first floor of MGM MACAU, adjacent to the luxurious retail shopping centre, One Central, and the MGM entertainment area. The boutique is divided into multiple spaces, showcasing exquisite masterpieces and offering guests an extraordinary luxury shopping experience.

The boutique is divided into multiple spaces, each showcasing exquisite masterpieces. Upon entering, guests are greeted with a spacious and bright environment adorned with the brand’s iconic antique display cases.

Ms. Pansy Ho and Mr. Andrea Buccellati.Ms. Pansy Ho and Mr. Andrea Buccellati.

In the centre of the interior exhibition hall, a coral-shaped counter showcases the jewellery pieces, radiating with brilliance. Meticulously designed VIP rooms ensure the utmost privacy for guests.

On the event date, Ms. Pansy Ho made a stunning appearance wearing Buccellati’s creations. The Buccellati Cocktail Collection Pendant Earrings lie in their distinct shape and design. The collection is deeply influenced by the stylistic evolution of High Jewellery, which embraces the natural brilliance of gemstones.

Coupled with this natural presentation is a bold and innovative design concept that creates strong visuals and emotional resonance. The Buccellati Unica Collection Brooch used yellow gold, white gold, baroque pearls and diamonds. The exquisite craftsmanship makes the Buccellati Unica Collection Brooch vividly stand out.

In addition to the brand’s iconic jewellery collections, such as Opera Tulle, Macri, and Tulle, the boutique will also display the popular Macri and Tulle watch collections, as well as selected pieces from the brand’s new Mosaico high jewellery collection unveiled during this year’s Paris Haute Couture Week.

The new Mosaico collection draws inspiration from some of the classic designs created by the brand’s founder, Mr. Mario Buccellati, in the 1920s and is masterfully reinterpreted by Mr. Andrea Buccellati.

The pieces feature innovative and fashionable forms, incorporating the brilliance of diamonds and coloured gemstones inspired by Byzantine mosaic art, radiating dazzling light in the interplay of light and shadow. The recurring decorative elements create a harmonious rhythm, while the colour combinations evoke breathtaking elegance.

Inside one of the exhibition rooms

The “Timeless Beauty with Century-Old Craftsmanship” art appreciation exhibition by Buccellati is being held at the Grande Praça in MGM MACAU from September 24 to October 8, and visitors can make reservations through the official platform.

This exhibition focuses on the brand’s jewellery craftsmanship rooted in the Renaissance, showcasing the iconic Rigato technique and Tulle craftsmanship. The Rigato technique is one of Buccellati’s traditional carving skills. Artisans use engraving tools to create parallel lines on the metal surface, giving it a smooth and silky texture reminiscent of satin.

The Tulle craftsmanship, named after it resembles the fabric of the same name, is a unique openwork technique. Artisans meticulously carve and thread gold, resulting in a honeycomb-like hexagonal openwork structure reminiscent of delicate Venetian lace.

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Dignitaries looking at some of the brand's pieces in a cabinetItalian Jewellery Brand BUCCELLATI Opens Luxury Boutique at MGM MACAU 2

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