Cantina Goccia is the World’s First Vineyard to use Paper Wine Bottles

Cantina Goccia is the World's First Vineyard to use Paper Wine Bottles

Here at Luxurious Magazine, we care about the environment and champion brands who put sustainability before profits. Our ears pricked up recently when we heard that the Italian winery, Cantina Goccia, became the world’s first vineyard to use paper bottles.

What started as a cautious experiment is now a permanent fixture in their range. Sabi Phagura takes a closer look.

The bottles used are made from 94 per cent recycled paper and are produced by the UK packaging maker Frugalpac. These unique bottles could soon find themselves becoming a stalwart of the wine industry due to their obvious sustainability credentials.

They are also incredibly light, which makes them very easy to transport, and are just as recyclable as glass.

The first wine to go on sale in the paper bottle was Cantina Goccia’s award-winning 3Q, an unwooded Sangiovese red with a hint of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, back in July 2020.

Cantina Goccia red wine being poured into a glass

The first two runs sold out quickly, and this has resulted in the vineyard announcing plans to widen its paper bottle range to include a white wine and a brand-new blend of rosé.

Cantina Goccia owner Ceri Parke told Luxurious Magazine that they were delighted to make history by launching the Frugal Bottle with their award-winning 3Q wine.

They went on to say that the feedback from industry and consumers alike had been overwhelmingly positive and that they decided to commit fully to the Frugal Bottle.

The 75cl Frugal Bottle uses a food-grade liner to hold the wine. It can be refrigerated like a standard wine bottle. Another nice aspect borne from the construction of the packaging is the shorter time it takes for the liquid to cool and it also remains chilled for longer making it ideal for alfresco entertaining.

Without liquid, the bottle weighs a scant 83g before it has been filled, which is almost five times lighter than a normal glass equivalent.

Ceri added that when some of the vineyard’s top hotel customers saw samples of their paper wine bottle, there was no hesitation in their minds that this type of bottle would be well received in their dining rooms.

A bottle of the wine being enjoyed in a hotel room

The launch of the Frugal Bottle was a big leap in sustainability without compromising wine quality, and they believe that this is a real game-changer for the wine industry.

The paper bottles can be printed with 360-degree branding, and the vineyard has plans to launch colourful, fully-branded products to its international markets in the coming months.

Cantina Goccia – Where and How?

If you’d like to experience Cantina Goccia’s 3Q wine in a paper bottle, it is available ins-tore and online via Woodwinters Wines & Whiskies. It is also available at selected Daylesford Organic stores in London. You can find more information by visiting

Cantina Goccia is the World's First Vineyard to use Paper Wine Bottles 2


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