How Catherine Lai’s 3Rituals Creates Love, Serenity, and a Natural Connection

Catherine Lai's 3Rituals Born From Love, Serenity, and Nature

3Rituals is a Malaysian-based home fragrance and accessories brand founded by former interior designer Catherine Lai. Ong Chin Huat was keen to learn more about the company, which has been founded on the tenets of art and design, nature and spirituality,

Catherine, a mother of two boys, has always toyed with the idea of creating something novel and unique, something that reflects her personality and beliefs. It was during the pandemic that she decided the timing was right. “I knew I had to step out, leave my comfort zone and do something I had never done before,” said Catherine.

Catherine wearing a long purple dress in her homeShe created 3Rituals, which is a range of products born from Love, Serenity, and a Spectrum of Nature, believing that these are the three essentials needed in every home.

Her 3Rituals range comprises scented candles, reed diffusers, gold-trimmed coasters, jewellery boxes, serving trays, drinking jugs and glasses.

Each item comes with a crystal, gemstone and natural mineral, which have been ethically sourced from Brazil, Madagascar or South Africa.

Quality and the environment are hallmarks of 3Rituals. The fragrance oil is sourced from DROM, a perfume house with over 100 years of perfume-making experience and is part of the perfumer Givaudan. The candles are made with environmentally friendly soy wax and last for as long as 40 hours.

Catherine made some time to talk to us about the start of her spiritual journey, her scented candles and the story behind 3Rituals.

Luxurious Magazine: When did your spiritual journey begin?
Catherine Lai: It started in 2004. The trauma and grief caused by the loss of my late father made me accept the truth that I, too, will die one day. From then on, I studied the teachings and practices of Buddhism.

LM: What was the impetus that started this journey?
Catherine: 3rituals started during the pandemic. During the lockdown, everyone was feeling down and low, and all they could talk about was a doomsday scenario. The idea of sending wellness candles with crystal gemstones to friends to calm, soothe and add vibrational frequency to them was how the birth of 3Rituals came about.

LM: What was the catalyst for 3Rituals, and did you have any intentions for what you wanted it to become?
Catherine: My husband passed away in 2015 from pancreatic cancer, leaving me and two boys. Although I am a single parent, my two sons are now working, which has allowed me to continue to pursue my passions: Art, design, charity and living my life according to the Buddhist teachings. My goal is to live a meaningful and enriching life through self-empowerment and extending this to others.

Some of the products from the current range

LM: Tell us more about the 3Ritual products and the inspiration for the brand name.
Catherine: It’s about the 3Cs: Create, Collect and Curate. Each step is a delicate process, a mindful, beautiful ritual for me.

Everything we do, when infused with good intentions, is like a beautiful ritual. 3Rituals is more than a brand. It’s an attitude, an outlook, a way of living. We Create our happiness. We Collect experiences that move us forward. We Curate what heals, motivates and enriches us.

The 3Rituals products include home fragrances and accessories with gifts from mother nature, such as crystal gemstones and natural materials. We use soy, palm and coconut wax for safe burning. With my interior design background, it is natural for me to create with interior elements in mind.

All our creation beautifies and embellish your space aesthetically. 3Rituals home products have been created to imbue your space aesthetically with high vibrational frequency from mother nature. Anything that is natural from nature, such as flowers, stones, mineral water, and organic produce, adds positive vibrational frequency.

We want people to use our products to enhance their well-being, self-love, and self-care, which will lead them towards a calm self. When you are calm, everything will work out by itself.

The multi-coloured gold-trimmed coaster set made using natural stones

LM: How does the creative process begin for you when you are designing these products?
Catherine: The candles are designed with the aim of what they can do for the user, and my creative process takes its cue from that intention. We have named our candles such as Abundance, Aura and Pure Love.

The Abundance Crystal Candle cultivates the energy of success, prosperity, strength and empowerment. The crystal gemstones in the candle are Green Aventurine and Citrine, which have the energetic frequency of wealth and prosperity.

Within the candle, you’ll find Citrine, which is famously known as the wealth stone. This vibrant, canary yellow crystal helps you attract much success and prosperity through empowerment, positivity and motivation. While the Green Aventurine is the crystal of prosperity, leadership, and decisiveness. This gemstone will assist you with compassion, empathy, and strength—ideal for attracting the success and affluence you crave.

After the candle has been used, the two crystals are revealed, and they may be used as jewellery for their energy benefits. The scent profile of the Abundance candle is Moroccan Amber and Patchouli with eucalyptus, saffron and plum in the top notes; cinnamon, geranium and vanilla in the middle notes; and amber tonka and musk in the base notes. All are housed inside an electroplate rose gold glass holder.

The Aura Crystal Candle protects your aura and creates a good aura around you. The crystal gemstones in this candle are Rainbow Fluorite and clear Quartz. Rainbow Fluorite is a wondrous crystal that has a spectrum of colours and benefits.

A natural absorber of negative energy, this crystal eliminates feelings of self-doubt while powerfully shielding you from those who may cause you harm. It also gives the wearer a newfound sense of mental clarity and physical coordination in daily life.

The second crystal is Clear Quartz, which is an amplifying stone. Due to the crystal’s versatile nature, clear quartz is often best paired with other crystals to manifest intentions faster and restore the body’s energy more fervently. They are master healers in the realm of stones and a staple in any gem collection.

The Pure Love Crystal Candle represents unconditional love in its purest form. While reinvigorating and inspiring those around you with untainted affection, the crystals contained in this candle are Madagascan Rose Quartz, which is often referred to as the “universal love stone” and is known for harmonising relationships by encouraging total warmth and devotion.

This crystal also purifies and opens up the heart to promote self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace.

The second crystal nestled within the candle is Amethyst— a powerful, violet-coloured gem that protects individuals from negative energies and unwarranted fears. This crystal also works to soothe, calm, and transmute one’s energy towards finding love, passion, and life’s greater purposes.

With top notes of orange and violet leaf, heart notes of raspberry, cranberry and plum and base notes of sugar and rose, all three candles are made from natural organic vegan soy wax and burn for approximately 40 hours.

The Pure Love Candle and Reed Diffuser set

LM: Which is the best-selling candle?
Catherine: Abundance is our best-selling candle. Aside from the candles, another popular product is the Reed Diffuser. The crystals gemstones can be used as loose crystals for your home, placed in a pouch to be carried around or made into jewellery.

Catherine at one of her sound healing sessions

LM: You conducted a Sonic Healing Sound Bath session recently. Please tell us more about it.
Catherine: Sonic Healing is part of our mantra in self-love, self-care and calmness to self. We incorporate candle appreciation to ground, calm yourself and meditate using the candle.

Catherine and a friend on the floor sitting smiling after a sound therapy session

Breathwork and visualisation techniques are used to bring people into a calm state, ready to be immersed in the healing vibrational frequency of the alchemy crystal bowls and full moon brass bowls. My heart is full of the immense good energy that reverberates back to me from all the participants.

LM: What other healing modality do you regularly practice?
Catherine: Present moment mode! The past cannot be undone; the only thing one can do is to learn from it. The future is uncertain and is something that is never fixed, so the best way to navigate through life is by focusing your energy on the present.

Catherine taking a deep breath, ridding herself of spent energy, and taking in new energy

LM: How do you personally cope with the stresses of running a business and daily living?
Catherine: We are human, and our senses respond and react every moment to external stimuli. I try to be mindful and aware and breathe deeply to help manage my stress levels.

LM: You are an interior designer by profession. Do you still practice?
Catherine: I do not practice anymore, but I do offer my experience and knowledge to some interior design companies.

LM: What do you think creates a beautiful home?
Catherine: Once you step into your home, you should feel safe, comfortable and energised. That, to me, is what makes a beautiful home.

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People using the company's products in a class to find peace and serenityHow Catherine Lai's 3Rituals Creates Love, Serenity, and a Natural Connection 2

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