CAUSEBOOK Launches Notebooks Designed to Inspire Mindfulness

CAUSEBOOK Launches Notebooks Designed to Inspire Mindfulness and Creativity

The benefits derived from journalling, sketching, and doodling can never be overstated. Medical experts around the world are aghast at how few people are doing it, missing out on how it can help manage stress and anxiety levels. Fortunately, CAUSEBOOK is on hand to help, and in this editorial, we look at their story and what they have to offer.

The CAUSEBOOK vision goes beyond creating run-of-the-mill notebooks. Drawing on 90 years of experience in the publishing industry, it uses high-quality, carefully selected materials to ensure quality and aesthetic appeal. The notebooks look and feel great in order to awaken the senses and inspire their users. The inner pages are available lined, dotted, and plain to suit everyone’s creative preference.

After years of working in the tech industry, Emmanuel Linardatos found himself longing for a deeper cause. He observed how the relentless pace of technology and society could disconnect us from our true selves.

During this period, Emmanuel met his then-colleague, Julia Johansson, who ignited the spark for balancing technology and life. Together, they are launching CAUSEBOOK, a venture inspired by the appreciation of finding mindfulness through doodling and writing.

Emmanuel’s legacy in the publishing industry began in 1933 in Athens when his grandfather, Spiros Linardatos, crafted his first notebook. His dedication to creating quality books has been upheld by the Linardatos family in Greece across generations.

Books from the Legacy collection

However, the intention of the notebooks is hugely beneficial in the here and now, recognising that, in today’s fast-paced world, chaos seems to be an inherent part of everyone’s existence, in both our working and home lives.

Thus, at the core of CAUSEBOOK’s philosophy lies the art of ‘pausing’ – a practice that invites you to pause, reflect and reconnect with yourself amid the hustle and bustle of modern life.

In a world consumed by technology, CAUSEBOOK notebooks stand as reminders of the power of tangible tools to ground us, centre us and nourish our souls, all with the simple act of putting pen to paper.

The creators want their customers to find mindfulness and unleash their creativity, whether it is taking note of their surroundings when in nature, writing creatively, journalling, creating art or simply doodling.

With roots in the past and designed for the present, CAUSEBOOK is also looking to the future. Specifically, sustainability, where a tree is planted for every notebook purchased. And the aim of the business is to constantly evolve, inspire change and help us all make better decisions.

The Legacy collection

The first two launches are The Legacy Collection (above) and The Blossom Collection (lead image), which have been designed and manufactured in Bristol, the UK, ensuring high standards of quality whilst supporting local craftsmanship and guaranteeing ethical production practices.

The ranges include books with plain, dotted or lined inner pages, with various binding techniques and papers providing a different feel, quality and colours to ensure they complement different types of pens and inks. For example, the Legacy collection is handcrafted using a singer-sewn binding technique. The range caters to diverse purposes and preferences.

  • Blossom collection: £9 RRP
  • Legacy collection: £12 RRP

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CAUSEBOOK Launches Notebooks Designed to Inspire Mindfulness 2

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