Raise a Glass of Champagne Lanson Le Blanc de Blancs in 2022

Raise a Glass of Champagne Lanson Le Blanc de Blancs in 2022

The end of the year is a time of celebration with family and friends, and making a toast will be commonplace. Given what’s happened this year, there can be few more appropriate drinks to fill a glass with than Champagne Lanson’s Le Blanc de Blancs, which proudly displays Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s royal warrant.

In my people’s minds, the past couple of years have been ones to forget, with one historic event in 2022 causing it to be one of the saddest in recent memory. Over the next few months, there will be some excellent opportunities for friends and family to gather and raise a glass. I believe that 2022 deserves a special toast, and there are few better ways to do it than by sharing a bottle of Champagne Lanson Le Blanc de Blancs with the ones you love.

About Champagne Lanson
It is often stated that true quality can be defined by longevity, which, if accurate, puts Champagne Lanson on a different footing from many of the other great Champagne houses. Champagne Lanson is one of the oldest of the houses, having been founded more than a quarter of a millennia ago (1760) by a magistrate, François Delamotte, whose son Nicholas-Louis carried the family banner after his father.

Nicholas-Louis was the person who introduced the Lanson name to the label when he formed a partnership with a family friend, Jean-Baptiste Lanson, in 1837, resulting in the birth of Lanson et Cie.

A close up of the gold Royal Warrant label on the bottle

Since the late 19th century, Lanson has supplied Champagne to the British, Swedish and Spanish royal households and is a proud holder of a Royal Warrant, bestowed by the late Queen Elizabeth II, which can be seen on each bottle produced by the house.

Until 1980, Champagne Lanson was still a family-owned business. Today it is in the very capable hands of the Lanson-BBC Group, headed by Bruno Paillard, who staunchly maintains its four core pillars:

  1. Terroir
    The grapes selected for Le Blanc de Blancs hail from the best Chardonnay vineyards, with the majority being Grand and Premier Crus for their finesse and elegance.
  2. Savoire-Faire
    Lanson follows the original principle of Champagne vinification, predominantly using non-malolactic fermentation, producing excellent freshness and fruitiness.
  3. Reserve Wines
    The house uses at least 40% of reserve wines, some of which have been aged for more than twenty years, creating a consistency of style and giving the wines an aromatic intensity.
  4. Ageing
    Lanson’s Le Blanc de Blancs is matured for at least five years in the cellars to develop a subtle combination of complexity and vibrancy.

One of the bottles next to two full glasses

Champagne Lanson Le Blanc de Blancs
The founding principles of Champagne Lanson’s style are freshness and vitality, and Le Blanc de Blancs is a perfect example of this. Champagne Lanson’s Le Blanc de Blancs is blended using the best Crus from two different regions, giving it a unique balance. The regions are Côte des Blancs, known for its fine and elegant grapes and the Montagne de Reims, known for its rich and fleshy grapes.

Le Blanc de Blancs is a delicate drink with a finesse enhanced by a pure, mineral finish, giving it the distinctive freshness Lanson is known for.

The Blend:

  • Number of Crus: 15
  • Grand & Premier Crus: 70%
  • Chardonnay: 100 %
  • Harvest Base: 2014
  • Reserve Wines: 40%
  • Ageing: 5 Years
  • Dosage: 7g/L Brut

A bottle on a table surrounded by some of the fruits that define its aroma

To the eye, Le Blancs de Blancs has a luminous golden colour, which is accentuated with flecks of green and fine elegant bubbles. To the nose, it offers notes of candied citrus, marzipan and dried fruit coupled with hints of William pear, lime blossom, sesame seeds and aniseed, enhancing the minerality of the wine. It has a fresh and invigorating taste with aromas of nougat and zest. And there are woody hints and a slight chalkiness that gives way to a delicate and pure finish.

The wine is best served chilled between 6 and 8°C and is ideal for pairing with food such as Scallops’ Carpaccio with lime and yuzu lemon, or you can opt for something more casual such as Croque-Madame with Reims’ Ham. Champagne Lanson’s wines can be enjoyed immediately, and if they are kept in the right conditions, they will continue to develop their personality and aromas.

Hervé Dantan, the Chef De Cave of Lanson, perfected the blend upon his arrival in 2013 and believes it perfectly illustrates Lanson’s Chardonnay identity, combining the delicacy and minerality of the Côte des Blancs and the richness and generosity of the Montagne de Reims.

Lanson’s Le Blancs de Blancs has an RRP of £69.99 and is available to purchase here. For more information on the Champagne House and to view their range, visit www.lanson.com.

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A bottle on a rock with a champagne flute tilted towards itRaise a Glass of Champagne Lanson Le Blanc de Blancs in 2022 2

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