The Luxurious Magazine Christmas Gift Guide for 2023

The Luxurious Magazine 'Thoughtful' Christmas Gift Guide for 2023

The big day is almost upon us, and as in previous years, we’re here to give you some last-minute gift-buying inspiration. For the magazine’s 2023 Christmas Gift Guide, we will not be focusing on the most extravagant and luxurious products available today because the monetary value of a gift should never correspond with the sentiment that goes with it. Our selection of gifts for 2023 is wholly based on the joy and benefits it brings to all.

Memories are part and parcel of this time of year, and countless people will be raising a glass with loved ones, toasting those who are no longer with us or who live too far away to be there.

Fortunately, technological advancements, evident in the free black & white to colour software Deoldify and image improvement software such as TOPAZ AI and similar, can rekindle the best of times.

The huge leaps forward in software allow us to take the poorest-quality photographs of our loved ones and precious moments and bring them up to modern-day standards, which leads me nicely to my first gifting suggestion.

Royal Selangor's pewter photo frame in a festive setting

The Royal Selangor Splendour Photo Frame
Taking a poor-quality photo/image of a loved one or memorable moment and improving it yourself or via a third-party service is now relatively straightforward. We are sure you’ll be amazed by how technology can make an old or blurry image look like it was taken by high-quality camera equipment only yesterday.

Once you have a wonderful restored image, you’ll need something equally impressive to put it in, and a company that can help you to do this is the iconic Malaysian company Royal Selangor.

Although the company produces an incredible range of products, our pick is its Splendour Photo Frame, embellished with intricately detailed peacock feathers and evokes an exotic and celebratory ambience. Another plus point with this frame is its space for personalisation, allowing you to add heartfelt words.

The Splendour photo frame is one of the more expensive gifts we’re featuring. It is an impressive 33.5cm x 28.5cm x 2.2cm in size, made from the finest pewter, and a great deal of skilful handiwork has gone into making it. The photo frame can be purchased online at or via the company’s official retail outlets and approved stockists.

The five Tracklements jars making up the festive box

The NEW Tracklements Festive Goodies Box
The NEW Tracklements Festive Goodies Box, RRP £23.05, is a splendid gift for foodies filled with Christmas joy. To up the festive flavour this Christmas, all you need to do is place your order at, and the Tracklements’ elves will pack up these planet-friendly products in biodegradable bubble bags, cushioned by vegetable starch curls (which disappear in water!) in a Yum Yum Yum box and drop it down your chimney right on time.

Each box contains:

  • Christmas Spiced Chutney (new embossed jar, 370g) – Plump cranberries, Bramley apples and a host of warming spices, including nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and allspice, are carefully combined to create this cornerstone of every festive pantry. It’s impossible to contemplate Christmas Day leftovers without it!
  • Cranberry, Port & Orange Sauce, 210g – Rather delicious for dunking, dipping and dousing, this bright, fruity sauce is Christmas in a jar. Made with whole cranberries, the tingling tartness cuts through rich meats like pork and goose – either on the side or as a marinade – and is perfect for dipping a leftover roastie, and loves a turkey sandwich.
  • Apple & Cider Brandy Chutney, 320g – Made with Kentish Bramley apples and a liberal measure of Somerset cider brandy for a boozy kick, this is indecently good with roast pork, flinty Cheddar, blue cheeses and pork pies.
  • Spiced Plum Chutney, 310g – Dark, rich, fragrant, sharp, fruity Stanley plums are mixed with fresh orange zest and subtle spices to create an absolute Boxing Day crowd pleaser spooned, drizzled or dolloped over pâtés, terrines, pork pies, and cheese.
  • Strong Horseradish Cream, 140g – Never be shy with horseradish! Generous amounts of this fiery foil turn the Boxing Day Roast Beef centrepiece, or leftover slivers in a sandwich, into a distinctly British treat.

Orders for the Festive Goodies Box can be placed at

The picnic blanket folded up, ready to be carried with its handle

The Partner in Wine, Everything Picnic Blanket in Sage Green
One of the things we’ve encouraged people to do over recent years is to get outdoors in the fresh air and enjoy nature. Although sitting directly on the ground may please some, this won’t be for everyone. An ideal way to please everyone is to bring a blanket, and Partner in Wine’s whopping 2m x 2m portable blanket is perfect for this.

The blanket is, as mentioned, very portable, as it can be folded and rolled up and comes with a carrying handle. The blanket also has nice-looking boho tassels and four gold pegs to keep it in place once down. Another handy feature is a secret zip pocket where you can keep valuables. The blanket is made from silk, cotton, and pongee, which makes it resistant to water and spills. It is available to purchase via

The large shaver grating milk, dark and white chocolate varieties

The New Microplane Master Series Large Shaver
Given the amount of effort going into Christmas meal preparation, Microplane’s new Master Series Large Shaver is probably a present that could be gifted early, perhaps on Christmas Eve. As with all Microplane products, a great deal of thought has gone into the design, and like the company’s other products, this large shaver comes with a non-slip rubber foot to increase comfort and stability.

Another benefit of the larger design is it allows users to effortlessly shave ornate thin slices of chocolate, adding more visual appeal to desserts, cakes and, of course, yule logs. As well as being ideal for the sweet stuff, it also excels when it comes to foods such as Parmesan cheese and even potatoes to create perfect savoury festive nibbles. The Microplane Master Series Large Shaver is priced at £39.95 and is available from

A purple coloured journal with gold words on its front cover

The Sloane Stationary Bespoke Notebook for Journalling
Writing a journal is a simple and effective way of improving mental health. Writing words on paper and documenting your feelings are great ways to understand your emotions. In addition, acknowledging the things you’re thankful for and the kindness you’ve received can also produce a more positive mindset.

The advent of technology has meant that many people are forgetting the art of writing, and writing words by hand will not only help you to rediscover the pleasure derived from handwriting, but it will also make you more conscious and improve your attention as unlike with writing on a mobile phone or computer, you don’t have a delete button.

The Sloane Stationary Bespoke Notebook is handcrafted in England and is available in three versions: Small with Dot-grid paper, Medium (A5) with Dot-grid paper, and large with A4 size lined paper.

The notebook is made by classically trained bookbinders and features gold-edged cream paper bound in a lizard-embossed card. It is an ideal gift as it can be customised with text and colour. The notebooks are priced from £39.00 and are available via

One of the drinking chocolate varieties in a festive setting

Drinking Chocolate from Cocoa Canopy
Cocoa Canopy’s core range comprises five warming chocolate blends, which include two vegan-friendly varieties: single origin Ecuador Dark and punchy Rich Dark, as well as nostalgic Smooth Milk, all-time favourite ‘Milk & Dark’ and sensational Salted Caramel. The drinking chocolate is made using just a handful of ingredients in small batches.

Each one of Cocoa Canopy’s 225g packs would make a fantastic stocking filler and a sure way to bring many smiles on Christmas morning! The prices range from £6.25 to £7.25, and orders can be placed at or via leading retailers, including Waitrose, Amazon, and Ocado.

Two women reading the cookbook

‘Mildreds Easy Vegan’ cookbook
‘Mildreds Easy Vegan’ cookbook combines a new collection of more than 115 recipes, perfect for laidback brunches, hearty comfort food, easy sweets, and simple bakes. Whether you follow a plant-based diet or not, this is the ideal gift for any food lover this Christmas. The book is priced at £26.00 and is available from

A jar of the pickled sprouts with some placed ready for eating in a bowl

Fortnum & Mason’s Pickled Brussel Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts are a staple of every festive feast. Admittedly, they’ll probably not be the first food on the plate to feel a fork’s prongs, and I’ll admit that growing up, I baulked at the thought of consuming more than a few on Christmas and Boxing Day. In those days, I had little choice: eat some or risk a penalty.

However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate that what I used to regard as a miniature whole cabbage is actually one of the world’s greatest superfoods packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins.

However, there is still the taste factor, which is difficult to overcome for some. Fortunately, purveyors of fine foods, Fortnum & Mason, have produced a 570g jar of Pickled Brussel Sprouts to solve the problem.

Fortnum & Mason’s pickled sprouts are tangy with a slight crunch and are perfect for eating with cheeses, meats and more. I am confident they will encourage even the most ardent ‘anti-sprouters’ at the table to tuck into some healthy goodness. A 570g jar costs £9.95; orders can be placed at while stocks last.

A pair of the hiking socks in a dark blue and cream colour with orange stripes

Castore Trek Socks
When it comes to stocking fillers, is there anything more obvious to place in a sock than another sock? As mentioned earlier in this guide, we want people to get outdoors, and we firmly believe that those who are reasonably mobile should look to introduce hiking and long-distance walks into their lives as one of their New Year’s resolutions. When heading out for a long walk or hike, what’s on your feet is the most important thing, along with your clothes.

Regular readers will no doubt have read our recent review of Danner’s historical walking boots; one thing we should have gone into more detail about is socks. Fortunately, Castor’s unisex Trek range gives us an ideal opportunity.

The unisex Trek socks are their most breathable and moisture-wicking socks to date. The socks are made with COOLMAX® and a soft cotton blend yarn. The combination of materials draws sweat from the skin and transports it to the outer surface, improving all-day comfort. Each pair is priced at £14 and can be ordered from

A top down view of a woman doing a yoga pose on a yellow, customised mat

The Liforme and You Bespoke Yoga Mat
In our most recent Christmas Gift Guides, we’ve highlighted the importance of meditation for improving mental wellness. One area we could have focused more on, which is remiss of us, is yoga. Yoga is a brilliant way to improve both the mind and body, and one thing that you’ll need on your wellness journey is a good-quality mat.

When it comes to yoga mats, there are few better than Liforme. The company offers an extensive range of mats, and one which is ideal for Christmas is the Lifeforme X You mat, as it can be customised and can even have someone’s name printed on it or an affirmation. The customising options also include choosing the colour and the central and 45o lines, line thickness, the centrepiece theme and more. The mat boasts a three-layer construction, a grippy surface, an eco-friendly commitment and a complimentary yoga bag.

The customisable mat is available to order directly from the company’s website and is priced from £160.00.

The Oracle of the Mythic Heroes pack on a white background

Letao Wang’s Oracle of the Mythic Heroes
Oracle of the Mythic Heroes is an intuitive oracle deck with 40 cards and a 256-page guidebook created by certified spiritual counsellor Letao Wang. It combines the ancient wisdom of Greek and Roman mythology’s mortal heroes and heroines with modern astrology and archetypes to help guide you through your spiritual practice.

“If the divine gods are archetypes of the universal principles, then the mythic heroes are the practical and grounded examples of the application of those principles,” says Wang. “When I am in the face of setbacks or confusion, I go back to the mythical stories to find the right values, attitudes, and virtues that I need for understanding and enlightenment.”

The Oracle deck is priced at £26.00 and is available from

Bottles of Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits on a table, with one in an ice bucket

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits
It’s a unique spirit specifically crafted to capture the essence of a sparkling Prosecco-style wine with flavours that are distinct & contemporary. The spirit offers notes of classic green apple tartness, followed by a soft richness of pear, peach, and red apple on the palate. To top things off, chalky fine acids help clean the palate and help you get ready for the next glass.

An excellent choice from their range is their award-winning Classico Grande, priced at £9.00 a bottle. It is an ideal party starter and celebratory tipple and is sure to add a touch of sparkle to any occasion!

Mini Collection Gift-set box showing the bottles

Saicho Sparkling Tea Mini Collection Gift-set
Saicho is a luxurious, non-alcoholic, single-origin, sparking tea brand. Its mission is to transform how consumers pair non-alcoholic drinks with their meals. Its Mini collection contains a 200ml bottle of each Saicho tea in a beautiful box. It is ideal for those who cannot or don’t want to drink alcohol, and each tea is perfect for celebrating, unwinding, socialising and pairing with food.

The gift box includes:

  • Darjeeling: A black tea that is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas in Darjeeling, India. The tea is harvested in the summer, which helps it to develop its unique Darjeeling muscatel flavour. It has notes of mandarin, ginger and wood spice and gentle, dry tannins—it pairs perfectly with grilled meats or rich pasta dishes.
  • Hojicha: Originating in Kyoto in the 1920s as a way of utilising leftover leaves, stems, stalks and twigs, Hojicha is a roasted green tea from Japan. The tea has a deep umami character and notes of nori seaweed, roasted hazelnut and delicate smoke, with dry and woody tannins—it pairs well with sushi or mushroom risotto.
  • Jasmine: Scented with jasmine blossoms, this green tea from Fuding, in Fujian province, China, has a delicate floral aroma and notes of apple sherbet, lychee and vanilla, making it a refreshing aperitif—it pairs well with spicy Asian salads.

The gift set is priced at £14.99 and can be ordered from

A photograph of the three festive varieties of seed balls

Wildflower Stocking Fillers (Pack of 3)
Although almost all the thought focuses on us humans at Christmas, we believe that all of the nature outside our warm homes deserves some kindness, too. With that in mind, we’re including Seedballs’s wildflower stocking fillers, available in three varieties. The first is Bee Merry, which contains a mixture of native wildflowers. Each seed ball in the pack contains approximately thirty seeds, producing wildflowers that solitary, honey and bumblebees will love.

Another ideal stocking filler is their Let It Snow! Selection produces all-white, flowering native wildflowers, which are very beneficial for butterflies and bees. Last but by no means least is Wonderland, which is a mix of British native wildflowers that can be grown in shadier areas.

All the seed balls contain no chemicals or pesticides and are easy to use and peat-free. The sets are priced at £9.00 each and are available from

Red, green and blue coloured feeders on a wooden worktop outdoors

Bundle of three National Trust Kids EasyFlip Feeders
Help the children in your family to grow a love of feathered friends with this set of three brightly-coloured bird feeders. The feeders are part of CJ Wildlife’s new kids wildlife range with the National Trust. They are recyclable, the perfect size for little hands to carry and easy to open.

All one needs to do is fill the feeders with high-quality bird food, click the lid back on and hang it in the garden close to trees or shrubs to give birds some protective cover. It’s the ideal gift to help a little one nurture an early love of nature! The three-feeder bundle costs £13.99 and is available from

The Most Rewarding Gifts

During my lifetime, I have witnessed a reduction in kindness to others, and it seems to be more evident in built-up urban areas. Sadly, modern life is subliminally conditioning the vast majority to be more selfish, with many wanting and expecting bigger and better in the hope it will elevate their societal standing.

It’s a sad state of affairs, and as I mentioned at the beginning of this guide, people shouldn’t be under the illusion that the monetary value or extravagance of a gift directly corresponds with the emotion, affection and love with which it is being given.

I realise that some might view being kind as a weakness, but it’s not. It is proof that you have risen above and you have enough confidence in yourself to create happiness.

Admittedly, there might be some who try to take advantage of this; however, if you’re enlightened and evolved enough to share some kindness, spotting those who would seek to take advantage of you is easy.

A young woman talking to an older person in a wheelchair

My suggestions for the most magical gifts you can give this Christmas are as follows:

Make it your mission to bring a smile to at least one person’s face every day from now on by making them feel good about themselves. You can do this by engaging in a conversation, lending a helping hand, or giving a compliment. Other wonderful gifts are to invite someone to join you for a walk, preferably in a green space or call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long while and wish them and their loved ones the best.

I believe that being kind, in an open manner, even to those you don’t know, is extremely important at this time of the year.

The next time you pass someone on the street who is looking sad, why not say hello and wish them a good day? Or, if that’s too much, just offer them a warm, friendly smile and a nod. I promise that it will make a difference.

A woman checking on a neighbour

Small things, such as lending a friendly ear, carrying items for an older person or someone who looks less capable than yourself and being nice and extra considerate to those who are working hard to pay their bills during the holiday season, might be the greatest gift you’ll give this year.

The wonderful thing about being kind to others is it just requires a short amount of your time and, in some cases, some physical effort. If you go through life with the attitude, “Others don’t behave that way with me, so I won’t”, the world will become more of an unkind, selfish place.

Too often, I hear people saying that they feel like just a number in this modern world. It’s easy to change by stepping off life’s ‘conveyor belt’, even for a short while.

This Christmas, make it your mission to spread love and kindness; it won’t just be others who will benefit from this; you will, too.

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