The Cosmic Moon Mat from Liforme Helps You Embrace Your Lunar Rhythm

The Cosmic Moon Yoga Mat from Liforme Helps You Embrace Your Lunar Rhythm

Liforme, the leader in the field of yoga mats, has unveiled Cosmic Moon, which comes with the mantra that users should Live For More. The company has designed the new mat to encourage yoga devotees to spend more time on themselves and, by doing so, supercharge their well-being by following their lunar rhythm.

The world can be a complicated place, and two things we’ve advocated to help navigate what can be confusing and increasingly stressful times are meditation and yoga. Both disciplines are fantastic ways to disconnect from the fast-paced world and allow one to focus on something that rarely takes priority: oneself.

As much as I have tried, I have barely scratched the surface of the world of meditation. However, I have participated in several yoga sessions, stretching out on the bare floor or using some flimsy mat supplied by the gym that is usually so worn that it could probably be rolled up and popped through a letterbox.

A top down view of a yoga devotee practicing a pose on the new mat

If you want the highest-quality yoga mats, you needn’t look further than Liforme, and their new Cosmic Moon Mat reiterates this with its planet-friendly design, warrior-like grip, trailblazing Alignment System, and unique patented waterproof barrier. The dusk blue mat has a striking design and features a Moon System Alignment Guide, allowing you to easily transfer positions lining up your limbs.

A view of the new mat showing the lunar guide

The intuitive and physiology-based design on the Cosmic Moon mat assists you in solo practice, working as a navigational tool, ensuring your alignment is correct throughout.

Liforme has revolutionised the yoga world with its best-in-class, eco-friendly mats. The company spent five years developing their GripForMe technology, which uses non-toxic, high-quality, and planet-friendly materials that maintain their grip. Representing a giant leap forward from the non-degradable plastic mats that are slippy contain toxic, harmful chemicals and could take hundreds of years to degrade.

The specially-engineered top surface wicks moisture away from your body, contacting the mat; the more you perspire, the mat becomes Grippier, resulting in no more slippery Downward Dogs.

A woman performing a classic stretch pose on the mat

The Cosmic Moon mat is more hygienic and easier to clean than any other yoga mat. The brand has patented a waterproof barrier layer that prevents moisture from passing through the top surface and into the rubber base. Liforme’s yoga mats are so well made they have become the choice of many well-known people Jennifer Lopez, Russell Brand, Fearne Cotton and our magazine’s founders, Paul and Natasha Godbold.

Four collections of Liforme eco-friendly and body-kind mats are available, PVC-free and non-toxic; when disposed of, they will biodegrade in normal landfill conditions within one to five years, effectively turning into fertiliser to replenish the earth rather than poisoning it.

James Armitage, the founder of Liforme, said, “The Cosmic Moon special edition embodies the moon’s duality of constancy and change and is designed for all bodies and styles of practice. Like all of our mats, it’s longer and wider than regular yoga mats, provides firm stability and soft cushioning and is planet-friendly and body-kind.”

Liforme is eco-friendly, pushes boundaries, and is ethical. The company puts back into society and strives to improve its impact on this planet while continuing to develop and enhance its products. Along with TreeNation, Liforme has been able to plant more than 200,000 trees and donated over $650,000 to charity partners, including WWF, RSPCA, Friends of the Earth and GLAAD.

Michela on her personalised orange Liforme yoga mat

Designed by Yogis, for Yogis, Liforme products are sold in more than 180 countries, and their reputation is continuing to grow thanks to its global community of customers, yogis, and business partners who all promote the philosophy of Live For More.

The Cosmic Moon mat will be available online in the last week of January, priced at £140 and comes with a complimentary bag.

If you want to learn more about products from Liforme, please visit their website,

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The Cosmic Moon Mat from Liforme Helps You Embrace Your Lunar Rhythm 2

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