Temple of Incense Introduces a New Range Focused on Wellbeing

Temple of Incense Introduces a New Range Focused on Wellbeing

Temple of Incense is known for its masterful incense sticks, which are hand-crafted using natural ingredients. The company has just unveiled its latest creations, which are specifically focused on wellbeing.

Incense as a tool to combat stress and anxiety can be an incredibly effective method for fostering tranquillity and peace of mind. They are known for their uplifting properties or grounding benefits, all of which fight feelings of stress.

Simi Aydee, Temple of Incense Co-Founder, says, “Lighting incense can transform any living space into a sanctuary of calm, providing an ideal backdrop for relaxation and stress reduction. During moments of heightened anxiety, we love to use the gentle fragrance of the incense as a focal point for deep, mindful breathing exercises, which can significantly alleviate feelings of stress. We love incorporating incense into relaxation routines or yoga sessions to enhance the calming effects.”

From Sandalwood to Jasmine Blossom or White Sage, there’s an incense scent for pretty much everyone. Below, we take a closer look at the company’s new offerings.

The Big Cleanse Box

The Big Cleanse Box, priced at £75, includes:

  • White Sage Incense Sticks – all the benefits of sage, with the lift of camphor and mint to cleanse and protect
  • Frankincense Incense Sticks – for purification and cleansing
  • Amber Incense Sticks – for healing
  • Dragons Blood Incense Sticks – a powerful fragrance for inward healing, empowering the mind to reach its full spiritual potential
  • Big Cleanse Incense Sticks – made from camphor, benzoin, frankincense and a mix of sacred woods and oils
  • Sage smudge bundle – ‘smudging’ is well known for its ability to purify and cleanse, ideal for new homes or starting a new chapter in your life
  • Rudraksha meditation 108 bead mala
  • Hand-carved wooden incense holder
  • Sandalwood meditation oil

A box of Jasmine Blossom incense sticks

Temple of Incense Jasmine Blossom. 20 luxury incense sticks, £10
Jasmine is the sacred flower of the Hindu God of love, Kama. The sweet, exotic floral scent is a potent stress reliever that encourages harmony, restful sleep and healing. Jasmine is also regarded as an aphrodisiac.

Incense Banaras Sandal 20 luxury incense sticks

Temple of Incense Banaras Sandal 20 luxury incense sticks, £10
A classic temple masala incense with a subtle lift of lemon. The warm, earthy aroma has a calming power, creating an atmosphere of comfort and a peaceful environment, encouraging mental clarity, focus, and emotional balance.

The Temple of Incense story began in 2012, on a little market stall on Portobello Road, when two sisters from London – Simi and Sam Aydee – applied their knowledge of incense stick artistry and alchemy to create world-class, natural, vegan and cruelty-free incense for homes across the UK. For more information on the company and to make a purchase, visit www.templeofincense.com.Temple of Incense Introduces a New Range Focused on Wellbeing 2

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