Clinique La Prairie Announces New 5-Day Detox Reset Programme

Clinique La Prairie Announces New 5-Day Detox Reset Programme

The luxury longevity and wellness destination Clinique La Prairie has launched a new 5-day detox reset programme that offers a holistic and scientific approach to the management of inner growth and wellbeing.

Supervised by medical and leading experts, the programme combines four longevity pillars – movement, nutrition, wellness and medical – to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

The brand-new five-day Detox Reset promises a much-needed recharge. At the core of the expert detox diet plan, this programme focuses on the scientific-driven purification of the body and mind. It delivers the keys of essential nutritional ingredients into a daily routine at home.

The transformative journey
The new Detox Reset programme uncovers mental and physical wellbeing through diagnostic procedures and treatments. With a focus on natural methods for the purification of the body and mind and nutritional processes to boost gut microbiome, guests will discover a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment through achieving a rested body and a reformed mental balance.

David Allesandria, the programmes nutritional chef

About the programme
The Detox Reset is fully committed to Clinique La Prairie’s four longevity pillars. These four key dimensions include a range of new treatments and services:

  • Medical – provides a general health evaluation with a medical consultant, personalised blood analysis, heavy metal screening and a body composition test.
  • Nutrition – focuses on a detox diet under an anti-inflammatory meal plan, clinical nutritional assessment, a consultation with a dietician to develop and sustain a personalised nutrition plan, daily Swiss herbal infusions, and Holistic Health Purity supplements.
  • Wellbeing – includes three Clinique La Prairie signature detox massages, a cryotherapy session, cellular detoxifying facial, body scrub and wrap, and toxin cleansing sessions through far-infratherapy dome technology.
  • Movement – consists of a movement session with a professional coach, metabolism detox and breath work, yoga, mountain hiking, and lakeside rebalancing group sessions.

The Detox Reset programme combines these four key dimensions to eliminate toxins and activate the body’s self-healing ability, boost energy, regain inner balance, and ultimately kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

One of the detoxification experts advising a client on one of the machines they will be using

The detoxification process
During the programme, experts will work with guests to stimulate the body’s detoxifying defences through the rebalancing of the body’s homeostasis. Guests will benefit from essential nutritional expertise to regulate and balance metabolic pathways to assist with toxin biotransformation and elimination.

With a scientific approach, the Detox Reset programme educates guests on making the right food decisions to support the liver function, the main organ that detoxifies the blood and produces the bile needed to digest fat, breaks down hormones, and stores essential vitamins, minerals, and iron.

Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie, said, “With our new Detox Reset programme, we wanted to offer a shorter program where patients can arrive at any time of the week, as opposed to our Master Detox where patients must arrive on a Sunday while keeping the core science-driven philosophy of Clinique La Prairie. Throughout the 5-day stay, our nutritional and scientific experts work with guests to transform and maintain inner growth and wellbeing – providing the foundations of kick-starting a healthier lifestyle. All in the stunning natural surroundings of Clinique La Prairie.”

Inside one of the clinics luxurious suites

Prices for the 5-day Detox Reset programme start from £9,318 (9,800 CHF) with luxury room/suite and full board catering. For more information about all programmes, please visit the Clinique La Prairie website at

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Clinique La Prairie Announces New 5-Day Detox Reset Programme 2

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