Create with Firetree Takes British Super Premium Chocolate into the Kitchen

Create with Firetree Takes British Super-Premium Chocolate into the Kitchen

With the appetite for home baking continuing to boom around the world, Firetree, the super-premium chocolate brand, has unveiled a hefty new addition to its portfolio called Create with Firetree, which is sure to please both home and professional chefs alike.

For obvious reasons, home baking has become as much of a necessity as it is a passion for many. According to Kantar, during the first lockdown last year, sales of home baking items soared 49 per cent in the three months leading up to 14th June, and flour sales almost doubled as shoppers picked up an additional 21.4 million packs, boosting value to £46.6m.

With people across the UK stocking their cupboards with baking ingredients and continuing to up their cooking skills, the British chocolate brand Firetree has decided to make both home and professional cooks time in the kitchen even more rewarding by launching Create with Firetree.

The two sizes of chocolate bars

What is Create with Firetree?
Firetree has previously offered two sizes of bars, 25g and 65g (above). Over recent years, the quality of their chocolate has caught the attention of chefs, pâtissiers, chocolatiers, and home cooks who want the finest ingredients and single estate chocolate in their kitchens. In response to feedback and enquiries, Firetree has introduced Create with Firetree to their collection.

Three varieties of Create with Firetree 2kg bags of chocolate

Create with Firetree consists of 2kg bags (see above) of easy melt chocolate pieces and comes in three varieties;

  • Solomon Islands Guadalcanal 69%
  • Vanuatu Malekula Island 72%
  • Philippines Mindanao Island 73%

The packs, which are now available for purchase online, will enable a unique taste experience of the islands of the Pacific Ring of Fire and the Philippines, which is said to be the home of the best quality beans.

The founders of Firetree Martyn O'Dare [L] and David Zulman [R].The founders of Firetree Martyn O’Dare [L] and David Zulman [R].

Firetree MD, David Zulman said, “On 15th July to celebrate the launch of Create, Firetree Ambassador and chef, Gourmet Glow* will host a cook along. The programme will guide you through the techniques needed to make an impressive chocolate dessert using one of our new ranges. We will provide the chocolate and a list of the remaining easy-to-source ingredients.

Following a Q&A with Gourmet Glow, which will discuss expert food pairings, a live tasting of the rest of the Create range will then take place. This event is perfect for avid home cooks who are looking to create surprisingly easy wow-factor chocolate desserts and to pick the brain of a culinary and a chocolate expert in the same event.”

Competitiors in the Young Chef Young Waiter competition

In partnership with Young Chef Young Waiter – a national competition open to all young professional waiters and chefs from any background – Firetree has invited the country’s brightest hospitality stars to an exclusive Firetree Chocolate Tasting Event at 3 pm on Monday 7th June.

At the one-off event, Firetree’s Chocolate Maker Martyn O’Dare will be explaining how the rare cocoa is sourced directly and made into chocolate, and in addition to this, finalists will get to taste the three Firetree variants in Create along with advice on pairing and dish suggestions.

What makes Firetree chocolate special?
The chocolate company only uses beans from cocoa trees that are grown in a uniquely rich, porous, volcanic soil; they call these ‘Firetrees’.

The Firetrees are easily identifiable due to the flame-hued cocoa pods they produce. It is these that give the chocolate its distinctive flavour, which changes, develops and lingers on the palate.

The natural range is made up of three 2KG bags and contains no additives or flavourings. It is available to buy at £50 from the website. The packs are dairy-free, suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerant people, and are halal and kosher certified. For more information, visit

*Create with Firetree event – The Cookalong Event with Firetree Ambassador and chef, Gourmet Glow –
7:00 -8:30 pm, Thursday 15th July.

Firetree chocolate selection boxesCreate with Firetree Takes British Super Premium Chocolate into the Kitchen 2


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