D-Type Jaguar Racer Becomes Automotive Art With Limited Edition Clock

D-Type Jaguar Racer Becomes Automotive Art With Limited Edition Clock

Provenance metal artists TMB Art Metal create a spectacular desk clock made from original 1950’s D-Type racing parts.

TMB Art Metal is renowned for creating art pieces and jewellery using metal taken from a variety of hard-to-find sources including historic aircraft and racing cars. Also, they have a long-term partnership with The Royal British Legion whereby TMB designs and manufacturers a series of poppy pins created using provenance metal linked to historic battlefields.

Founder Chris Bennett is a man used to life in the fast lane, as before starting TMB he flew many times with the Red Arrows as an official photographer, as well as being linked to motorsport through his passions and work. His latest creation takes historically significant, and extremely rare engine parts and uses them to form beautiful pieces of automotive art.

As any enthusiast will know, a precision-engineered and finely polished conrod paired with racing forged pistons are works of art in their own right. When those parts are taken from a motorsport legend, they become important and coveted historical artefacts.

D Type Jaguar racing on a circuit

Bennett acquired original, authenticated 1954/55 competition D-type conrods along with original 3.4 litre 1954/55 D-type pistons. The conrods originated from a works D-type engine that failed in competition, resulting in all six rods being replaced for expediency.

Individually stamped into the crown of the aluminium piston is XR, standing for experimental racing, confirming the piston was created for competition use.

The TMB Art Metal D-Type Jaguar ClockAn expert from the Experimental Engine Department at Jaguar in the 1950s, where the racing engines were prepared, confirmed there were three degrees of finish applied to their steel conrods.

Normal production rods for use with XK road car engines were left in a forged state, with little effort given to their finish. Production D-type rods were machined and partially polished, except for the channels running down the shafts.

The rods for use in D-type competition engines received much more attention and were meticulously hand-finished. Rounding, blending and polishing were done to reduce weight and help minimise the possibility of stress-induced failures.

These provenance pieces of racing history, along with their matching pistons, are used to form the latest TMB creation, the D-Type Piston Desk Clock.

To turn the piston and conrod into a functional collectable, a 1920’s clock is mounted into the conrod’s ‘big end’ via a purposefully engineered brass housing, the rear of which is engraved.

The original hollow steel gudgeon pin has also been replaced by a solid polished brass shaft, the discs of yellow providing an attractive contrast in colour to the main piece.

D-Type Jaguar Racer Becomes Automotive Art With Limited Edition Clock

The finished D-Type clock is a highly desirable item that effectively combines function with history and forms with historical significance. Standing approximately 12-inches high, the D-Type clock is mounted onto a high quality, turned oak plinth.

Christopher Bennett, TMB Art Metal founder, said: “Everything TMB produces is crafted from rare provenance metals, but this is one of the scarcest. D-Types are rare in themselves; genuine 1955 factory racing internals is now almost extinct. We are proud to have created these clocks in honour of this iconic racing car and to have fashioned a truly exclusive, collectable piece for Jaguar owners and enthusiasts to treasure.”

The D-Type Art Clock is priced at £4500. For more information on this and other TMB products: www.tmbartmetal.com.

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D-Type Jaguar Racer Becomes Automotive Art With Limited Edition Clock 2


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