The Dalmore Partners With Harrods For Sale Of Distillery Exclusives

The Dalmore Partners With Harrods For Sale Of Distillery Exclusives

Simon Wittenberg takes a look at the latest range of limited edition Distillery Exclusives to be created by The Dalmore’s Master Blender, Richard Paterson, who celebrates his 50th anniversary at the whisky maker.

The Dalmore, the fastest growing single malt whisky worldwide, has unveiled two limited edition Distillery Exclusives in partnership with Harrods, the renowned department store in Knightsbridge.

Whilst the home of The Dalmore in Scotland is closed, the latest releases, which have been expertly crafted by Richard’ The Nose’ Paterson, are available to whisky aficionados and collectors across the globe for the very first time.

Limited Reserve Exclusive 2003 for Harrods

Produced in limited quantities, and boasting a rich sweetness, only 100 bottles of the 2003 Vintage release and 450 bottles of the 2006 Vintage whisky have gone on sale. The 2003 Vintage (55.2% ABV), costing £1,500, has been matured in American white oak ex-bourbon casks and finished in sumptuous Premier Grand Cru Bordeaux wine barriques.

The aroma consists of creamy caramel, sweet figs, Bakewell tart and banana bread, and on the palate, Sanguinello blood oranges, heather, honey and vanilla panna cotta all come to the fore. Raspberry coulis, roasted coffee and glace cherries dominate the finishing notes.

Dalmore Limited Edition 2006 Exclusive

The 2006 Vintage (55.8% ABV), priced at £200 per bottle, has been laid down in American white oak ex-bourbon casks and the finest Marsala barrels and is offered with a natural colour at cask strength. Whisky fans can enjoy an aroma of tangerine, cotton candy, honeysuckle and demerara sugar, which is accompanied by vanilla pod, toffee and soft liquorice on the palate.

Finishing notes include a combination of ginger spice, sticky toffee pudding and delicious Swiss white chocolate.

Richard Paterson, Master Blender at The Dalmore

Richard Paterson, Master Blender at The Dalmore, said that for 50 years, he’s been keeping a watchful eye over the alchemy of the distillery’s whiskies as they mature and harmonise in the finest casks from around the world. He also explains that each one carries the spirit of the relentless creators of The Dalmore before him.

The Dalmore Distillery Exclusives – Where and How?

The Dalmore’s Distillery Exclusive releases are now available to purchase online at and in-store until stocks last. For more information, please visit

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The Dalmore Partners With Harrods For Sale Of Distillery Exclusives 2


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