Daniel Strom – Carpe Diem Accessories

Daniel Strom - Carpe Diem

Daniel Strom is a man who wears many hats, he is a Designer, Watchmaker and Philosopher. From his base in Switzerland, he creates a range of provocative and evocative products including stunning timepieces, rings, pendants and belt buckles. All of which reflect the spirit of his Agonium collection, life, death and Memonto More. Carpe Diem, words used for the name of his latest jewellery collection.

Strom is primarily known as a watchmaker, and through his company, Strom Prestige Swiss Timepieces SA, in Nidau-Biel, he revisits time, rethinks the watch, invents new symbioses and gives form to his convictions. The common denominator? To design a watch that does more than give time. A watch that also has us think about our very existence. Dragons and skulls thus become charged with positive emotions and shed any morbid connotations. This is art for the wrist, each unique and outside the grip of aesthetic convention. However, timepieces do not have a complete monopoly on his time, he has extended his watch collections to include jewellery and accessories – and so much more. Rings, cufflinks, pendants and belt buckles are the new symbolic provocations created by the Biel-based designer who is first and foremost a philosopher.

Daniel Strom - Carpe Diem Accessories

Behind all these magnificent creations lies a short metaphor which Strom interjects into all of his collections: “Memento Mori, Carpe Diem!” Remember you will die, so seize the day!

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