Date Night Drinks: Romantic Cocktails to Enjoy this Valentine’s Day

Date Night Drinks: Romantic Cocktails to Enjoy this Valentine’s Day

If you’re planning a celebration with your special someone this Valentine’s Day, you may be searching for ways to elevate your date night. One way to bring something extra memorable to an at-home dinner date is by experimenting with some new cocktail recipes.

To help you get inspired, bespoke gift hampers brand, Bottled & Boxed has shared some of its favourite recipes with us, and all are perfect for an evening of romance.

Pink Negroni
There’s nothing more synonymous with Valentine’s Day than roses. So, if you want to make a date special this year, why not bring their botanical flavour into your drinks? To make this rose-tinted twist on a classic, all you need is 35ml of pink gin, 15ml of Aperol, and 25ml of rose vermouth.

Combine these ingredients in a tumbler with a handful of ice, stirring until the outside of the glass is cold, and then garnish your short cocktail with a slice of pink grapefruit and a basil leaf.

As the star of the show, rose vermouth is a floral-infused fortified wine that will give your drink a refreshing edge (and a light pink hue) that pairs perfectly with a bunch of fresh-cut roses placed on the table for your Valentine.

Thai Chilli Peach Margarita
To help heat things up on your next date night, get adventurous and employ the help of some spicy Thai chillies. If you and your partner enjoy ordering hot curries and trying out different cuisines, this unique cocktail will surprise them.

Start by making a simple syrup by heating a cup of white sugar, a cup of water, and a large Thai chilli in a saucepan (slightly crushed to release its oils). After the mixture comes to a boil, remove the pan from the heat and transfer the syrup into another container to cool — you can either strain out the chilli or leave it to infuse further while the syrup cools, depending on how much spice you enjoy.

While the simple syrup cools, muddle two peaches (sliced into cubes) with the juice of one lime in your cocktail shaker. Then, add in 100ml of your favourite tequila blanco, 30ml of orange liqueur, and 45ml of chilli syrup and shake this vigorously with a handful of ice.

Keep shaking until the shaker is cold to the touch, then strain the mixture into two glasses rimmed with chilli salt for an extra kick. The great thing about Thai chillies is that they heat things up in more ways than one — as well as stimulating blood flow, they contain a compound called capsaicin which is thought to be an aphrodisiac!

Espresso Martini
As one of the most popular digestifs, espresso martinis are an excellent choice for your Valentine’s Day date night. After enjoying a large meal, keep the evening going with this classic cocktail that’s both sweet and energising, so you can stay up talking into the small hours.

Containing just a few simple ingredients, you can make a perfect espresso martini by combining 80ml of your favourite vodka (either an unflavoured variety or something a little sweeter like vanilla), 40ml of Kahlúa liqueur, and 40ml of fresh espresso. Add this to a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice (which will cool down the warm shot of espresso) and shake vigorously to ensure you get a good foam on the top.

Pour this mixture into two chilled martini glasses and serve immediately. Don’t forget to add three coffee beans as a final touch, as you may be surprised to learn that these are meant to symbolise health, wealth, and happiness!

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Add a personal touch
While you may choose to surprise your partner with something a little different, it’s also incredibly romantic to show just how well you know them. You might learn how to make their all-time favourite cocktail so they can have it at home whenever they like, or recreate a recipe you both enjoyed on a memorable trip abroad. Whatever you decide, taking the time to add a personal touch to your drink is sure to bring a smile to their face and help make your date night even more meaningful.

To combine these two approaches, you could experiment with making a cocktail they’ve never tried before but one that incorporates some of their favourite flavours. For example, if your special someone has a sweet tooth, try making a decadent drink with ingredients like cream, chocolate, or mint liqueur and garnish with glacé cherries or chocolate shavings.

These are perfect for enjoying after your evening meal and are sure to delight any dessert-lover. Alternatively, if your partner prefers light, citrusy flavours, try shaking up an Amaretto sour or a lychee martini for something a little more refreshing.

“If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day from home this year, elevate your date night by getting creative with some special cocktails. Putting extra effort into learning new recipes is a great way to show your partner how much you care, and it will help you create the cocktail bar experience from the comfort of your own home.

“Whether you surprise them with something completely unique or try your hand at their favourite tipple, it’s always more special to toast with something you made yourself. Start with a base of high-quality spirits and don’t be afraid to get creative: you might heat things up with a spicy margarita or whip up something sweet and decadent as a boozy take on dessert.”Steve King, Managing Director of Bottled & Boxed.

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