A New Survey Has Revealed More Women are Looking to Date Single Dads

A New Survey Has Revealed More Women are Looking to Date Single Dads

Dating.com has revealed surprising new survey results that shed light on daters’ interest in pursuing relationships with single dads. The findings showed that 60% of single women are open to dating single dads, signalling that ‘Hot Dad Summer’ is here.

“While a ‘single dad’ used to be a type to avoid dating, this has changed in a chaotic and uncertain world. More women are less willing to put up with indecisiveness, uncertainty and immaturity. They’re increasingly interested in stability and in the heightened levels of maturity and responsibility that naturally come with many single fathers and parents,” said Maria Sullivan, Dating Expert and Vice President of Dating.com.

“When it comes to dating a single parent, according to our data, most people are embracing the comfort of knowing their potential partner is likely looking for a meaningful connection and stability rather than looking to play games.”

Key survey findings include:

  • 75% of respondents reported that a match having a child or children from a previous relationship would have little to no impact on their interest in dating them.
  • Of those surveyed, 95% said the first date would be the appropriate time for a match to be upfront about having a kid with a former partner.
  • 60% of respondents mentioned that they met their partner’s kid for the first time after six months of dating.
  • 62% of respondents mentioned that they prefer dating single mothers and fathers because of their perceived stronger commitment to family, friends and loved ones.
  • Of respondents who seek partners that are single parents, 78% aren’t able to, or have no interest in, having kids of their own.

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Maria’s tips for how to successfully date and develop a relationship with a single dad include:

  • Have patience and be flexible. When engaging with a single parent, you must keep in mind that they will naturally have more responsibilities on their plate than a match with no children. While you should be a priority for a potential partner, be sure to remain patient with the last-minute emergencies and scheduling/time commitments that are related to parenting. A good romantic and life partner should be a good parent to their child too.
  • When everyone feels ready, get involved. As the relationship progresses and you begin to play a role in the family life of your partner, everyone will need to adjust. Make an effort to get to know your partner’s children and slowly integrate them into your life. This will ultimately bring you closer to your partner. Do not try to establish your new role in the existing family dynamic too quickly; rather, let it develop naturally over time.
  • Be comfortable with his relationship with his ex. In many cases, dating a single parent will result in some involvement with their ex-partner as they co-parent and remain present in the child’s life. While many people are typically uncomfortable with their partner maintaining a relationship with their ex, the rules change when dating a single parent. In cases where they share children, the ex-partner will likely be involved to some degree. Coming to terms with this is important, and it’s okay to ask questions for clarification about their involvement in each other’s lives and to set boundaries if needed.
  • Prioritise quality time as a couple. When dating a partner with children from previous relationships, it is important to make an effort to schedule and stick to plans that are for just the two of you – with no kids, ex-partners or other distractions around.

“If you’re looking for a healthy, serious relationship, go into this with an open mind,” continued Sullivan.

“While dating a single dad might not be something you’re used to, you might find that your potential partner has a lot more in common with you than you think, despite their parental status. Like many daters, single parents are looking for love too, and they want to put in the effort and build a committed, loving relationship with a new partner. It’s important to take a look at the bigger picture rather than to focus on just one aspect of their life.”

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