The Deco Centennial Collection from B.P. de Silva & Royal Asscher

The One-of-a-kind Deco Centennial Collection from B.P. de Silva & Royal Asscher

Two esteemed royal jewellers, B.P. de Silva from the East and Royal Asscher from the West, have come together for a global collaboration that finds its muse in one historic diamond cut, the Asscher Cut. Renowned for their rich heritage and exquisite craft, the two jewellery houses have created the Deco Centennial Collection, comprising nine intricately designed pieces that celebrate 100 years of Art Deco.

To commemorate this iconic launch, the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross replica will be displayed in Asia for the first time as a tribute to both brand’s legacies as royal jewellers. An exclusive showcase of the exquisite historical archive will be available at the B.P. de Silva Flagship Boutique in Singapore from 19 to 27 November.

“I have long admired the timeless yet also futuristic, one-of-a-kind Asscher Cut and the sheer commitment to quality that was part of its creation. The collaboration between both jewellery families has been years in the making, beginning with a call in 2020 with Mr Edward Asscher, the fifth-generation President of Royal Asscher, on the possibility of collaboration.

A jeweller assembling one of the pieces

Fast forward to 2023, we worked closely with the 6th generation Royal Asscher team to specifically select the perfect Royal Asscher Cut diamonds for each design in the Deco Centennial Collection,” said Shanya Amarasuriya, Creative Director of B.P. de Silva.

The collection features nine modern yet timeless pieces, exquisitely crafted in precious metal variations of 18K white gold and 18K yellow gold. The silhouettes are based on five key themes that the designers conceptualised for this collaboration.

A model wearing the Twenties Tassel necklace and Ring

Design Theme: Twenties Tassel
Inspired by the intricate textures of the 1920s, this selection of jewellery features modern and linear silhouettes that nod to the playful and spirited movements of the Art Deco era. Shanya’s grandmother, an ardent dancer born in the 1920s, is a particularly meaningful muse for this theme.

In particular, the earrings and ring also offer their wearer different ways of styling them: the earrings’ diamond tassels may be removed to reveal everyday studs, and bold tassel jackets on the ring can also be removed for a more understated look.

The Cosmic Trilogy Diamond Ring being worn

Design Theme: Cosmic
Drawing inspiration from stars that once guided explorers through the night, the Cosmic Trilogy Diamond Ring is a versatile design that can seamlessly see its wearer through day and night.

A model wearing the Gilded Ring

Design Theme: Gilded
The Deco Centennial Gilded Diamond Ring pays tribute to the age-old art of gilding, where gold is used as a beautiful and protective layer, akin to a woman’s strength, especially during the Roaring Twenties, a period of vibrant energy and change.

A model wearing the Luminaire Earring and Lariat Necklace

Design Theme: Luminaire
The Luminaire pieces serve as a visual homage to the generations that have laid the strong foundations of both brands, symbolising guiding lights that are cherished to this day and beyond. The dynamic illusion of the elevating form seeks to represent the essence of timelessness, almost like gazing through past, present and future.

The Regalia Diamond Convertible Bracelet

Design Theme: Regalia
Regalia captures the regal legacy of both brands, crafting intricate jewels for royalty—the 1.5ct. Royal Asscher cuts artful play with light that inspires the entire design, with striking geometric ripples even at the band.

This high jewellery design presents a one-of-a-kind bracelet-to-necklace interchangeability, a bold detail that challenges the boundaries of thoughtful design and master craftsmanship.

On the collaboration, Mike Asscher, President of Royal Asscher, said, “We are truly honoured to have worked on this exceptional collection with a heritage brand such as B.P. de Silva. This partnership is more than a mere business venture; it’s a coming together of like-minded, passionate individuals who are driven by the same commitment to craftsmanship and affinity to Art Deco.”

A diamond ring from the one of a kind collection

The Deco Centennial Collection will be available for discovery and purchase from 19 November, in-store or online at An exclusive showcase of the jewels alongside the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross replica will be held at the B.P. de Silva Flagship Boutique at 14C Dempsey Road from 19 – 27 November, daily from 11 am to 7 pm.

High jewellery prices for Deco Centennial Luminaire Diamond Lariat Necklace, Deco Centennial Twenties Tassel Diamond Necklace, and Deco Centennial Regalia Convertible Bracelet are available by request.

About B.P. de Silva
Officially established in 1872, B.P. de Silva is amongst Singapore’s first luxury labels. Its rich heritage and legacy can be traced back to the 19th century when the Founder, Balage Porolis de Silva, set sail from Ceylon and travelled worldwide before settling down in Singapore to open the first B.P. de Silva Jewellers Atelier. B.P. de Silva also received royal patronage as members of royal families commissioned the brand to create special heirlooms, and some appointed B.P. de Silva as their Appointed Royal Jeweller.

Today, B.P. de Silva is in its 5th generation, offering bespoke services as well as ready-to-wear pieces. Its vision is to create elegant time-capsules of the best stories and values people can pass down through generations.

About Royal Asscher
In 1854, the Asscher family patriarch Joseph Asscher pioneered the art and science of diamond cutting by creating the Asscher cut as the first patented diamond in the world. Royal Asscher has been crafting unique and patented diamonds designed to capture the world’s beauty around them for six generations.

The Royal Asscher family has been trusted to cut some of the world’s most remarkable and beautiful diamonds, including two of the largest diamonds ever discovered, of which the largest is within the British crown jewels.

Royal Asscher is committed to social and ethical responsibility and conflict-free sourcing. This makes the Royal Asscher brand an expression of going beyond beauty, both aesthetically and ethically. At the heart of the Royal is the Asscher family’s legacy of love and capturing the world’s beauty through diamonds.

A craftsman inserting a diamond into a piece of jewellery

“‘Beyond Beauty’ is our commitment and focus to elevating the uniqueness and quality of our diamonds, including the resilience of our legacy, the earned trust in our attention to detail, our unique patented cuts, and our commitment to responsibility and ethics.

“Royal Asscher cuts are unique with personality. Our commitment to quality means we refrain from taking alternative routes towards excellence. We ensure each of our patented diamonds is cut with you in mind with a willingness to sacrifice profitability for beauty and brilliance.”

Today, Royal Asscher offers the following cuts:

  • Royal Asscher® Cut
  • Royal Asscher® Oval
  • Royal Asscher® Brilliant
  • Royal Asscher® Cushion
  • Royal Asscher® Pear

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Tweezers being used to place diamonds into a braceletThe Deco Centennial Collection from B.P. de Silva & Royal Asscher 2

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