Durat’s New Showroom in Helsinki is a Beacon of the Circular Economy

Durat's New Showroom in Helsinki is a Beacon for the Circular Economy

The new Durat showroom, located in downtown Helsinki, celebrates both creativity and circular economy, meeting the ambitions and aspirations of contemporary interior design.

Durat’s solid, sustainable surface materials are manufactured from post-industrial plastics and are 100% recyclable. Its brand new company showroom displays its surface materials in an environment that serves as a creative toolbox for architects and designers. The company specialises in surface materials and can offer more than 1,000 colours and styles with a wide range of granule sizes and textures, and they can expand on this based on individual orders.

A selection of products created using the recycled materials

“The new showroom highlights the endless possibilities of the materials. It underscores unconventional colour combinations and textures, inviting and inspiring designers to discover their own ways to use the materials,” says Linda Bergroth, the showroom’s designer and an enthusiastic user of the company’s materials in her designs.

“The showroom concept is based on creative study and observation of the product anatomy. This is accomplished with disassembled products made from Durat materials. The theme of the showroom is a creative presentation in all exhibits, which range from the colour palette to granular patterns to joints and seams. A key objective for the showroom design was to free interior designers’ imagination rather than providing examples of product applications that would put limits to imagination,” added Linda.

A selection of materials ready to be recycled into a new surface

A pioneer in the circular economy
Durat has over 30 years of experience researching and testing plastic materials re-use. This results in recycled surface materials that are as sustainable as possible. The Durat products are the only commercially available solid surface materials, where all the products are made from post-industrial plastic waste.

Durat's New Showroom in Helsinki is a Beacon of the Circular Economy 3According to the Durat Circular production concept, the materials are repurchased, upcycled and sold, building a comprehensive circular economy and a closed material cycle. Adopting this concept ensures the longest possible material life cycle and a 100% re-use of the materials.

“It is always exciting to design a venue for other designers,” said Linda, highlighting the added excitement the Durat showroom design offers, which provides endless possibilities to designers.

“The materials produced can create a wide variety of tailor-made and made-to-measure products, including reception desks, benches and tables, kitchen surfaces, bathtubs, and vanity units with integrated sinks and shower trays.

Colours play a major role for me, and I have used Durat materials widely in my designs. By combining different granule colours and sizes with silky base materials, designers can create their own Durat universe.”

The new showroom is at Albertinkatu 5, 00150 Helsinki, Finland. For more information on the company and to see their full range of products, visit www.durat.com.

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Durat's New Showroom in Helsinki is a Beacon of the Circular Economy 4

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