Echoes of Luxury: Past Wonders Inspiring Modern Opulence Launches in Saqqara

Art D'Egypte Launches Echoes of Luxury Past Wonders Inspiring Modern Opulence

“Echoes of Luxury: Past Wonders Inspiring Modern Opulence” is an exhibition supported by CulturVator by Art D’Égypte, held in collaboration with Valu and set against the ancient and majestic walls of the Serapeum in Saqqara. The launch of the exhibition attracted a stellar lineup of guests and also marked the debut of a revolutionary luxury financing program named Ulter, which is designed to assist in the purchase of sizeable luxury products and services.

Echoes of Luxury: Past Wonders Inspiring Modern Opulence has been launched, providing a unique way for local and international designers to infuse new life into the ancient walls of the Serapeum in Saqqara and its surrounding landscape through a carefully curated experience and exhibition.

Two photographs showing examples of the exhibitions inside and outside the monument

The historical monument’s walls have been transformed into canvasses for contemporary interpretation, encouraging reflection on the enduring legacy of human creativity and the timeless pursuit of artistic expression against the backdrop of the Djoser Pyramid and its magnificent surroundings.

The exhibition launch brought together the cream of Egyptian society, which included H.E. the Italian ambassador, Mr Michele Quaroni; a select group of celebrities, including Amina Khalil, Mohamed Karim, and Enjy Kiwan; socialites, luxury product connoisseurs, and business and finance leaders.

Some of the invited guests standing on the monuments walls

With the support of CulturVator by Art D’Égypte, the exhibition opening attracted a stellar lineup of guest speakers, which included Angela Missoni, president of Missoni; Wafaa Hendawi, brand ambassador of Baccarat; Marcus Jocher, owner of the Christofle boutique in Germany; Mehdi Benbrahim, gemologist from Tiffany & Co; and globally renowned curator Giovanna Cicutto.

The speakers travelled to Egypt to share their expertise in bridging modern design with ancient art, culture, and heritage, offering an evening of unparalleled insight and inspiration. Their presence at the event underscored the significance of Ulter’s launch and its impact on the luxury financing landscape.

About the Ulter Financing Program
Ulter is a revolutionary program by valU, MENA’s leading universal financial technology company, that enables customers to make sizable purchases and acquisitions of luxury products. What makes Ulter different is its high credit limit, which is the highest in the country, surpassing its peers multiplefold. It offers flexible repayment plans spanning up to 60 months with no down payment, subject to the financed amount, providing customers with financial convenience and peace of mind.

The launch of the financing program

The valU program caters to the growing demand for flexible and convenient payment solutions for significant transactions across areas such as luxury goods, home finishing and furnishing, travel, automotive, and marine transport, along with additional lifestyle-enabling products and services. In conjunction with Ulter’s launch, valU has joined forces with ten top-tier merchants in the luxury space.

The collaboration aims to revolutionise the customer experience by offering the first flexible and accessible financing options for big-ticket items in Egypt, which should significantly boost the country’s luxury product sector.

The strategic partnership between CulturVator by Art D’Égypte and valU aims to promote art, luxury, and cultural exchange and enable an ambitious shared vision of a vibrant and culturally rich Egypt.

Female guests at the launch event

Founder of CulturVator by Art D’Égypte, Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, expressed her excitement about the partnership with valU, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with valU in launching Ulter and extend a warm welcome to our esteemed guests at this exceptional celebration of human creativity amid the enduring legacy of Imhotep, the visionary ancient Egyptian architect, scholar, and physician. This event delves deep into the profound influence of his work and explores the crossroads of art, design, and science. Visitors exploring the sands of Saqqara are invited to witness the fusion of ancient grandeur with contemporary creativity. This collaboration demonstrates our dedication to honouring Egypt’s vibrant cultural heritage while nurturing innovative expressions in the modern era.”

Walid Hassouna on stage talking to attendees

Walid Hassouna (above), CEO of Valu, commented on the launch, “We are incredibly excited to launch our latest game-changer, Ulter, empowering customers to acquire coveted luxury brand products and services and pay for high-value purchases without compromising their financial goals. Ulter offers the highest credit limit in Egypt, surpassing all market peers by multiple folds. By choosing the historic site of Saqqara as the backdrop for this event, we aim to showcase Egypt’s profound heritage to an exclusive audience of elite guests, high-net-worth clients, and prominent business figures. With an emphasis on flexibility and personalised customer care, Ulter will facilitate a worry-free ownership experience.”

Guests enjoying the event inside the monuments stone corridorsEchoes of Luxury: Past Wonders Inspiring Modern Opulence Launches in Saqqara 2

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