Egypt, The Country that Gives You Sun and Fun Without Breaking the Bank

Why Egypt is a Must-visit Country if you Want to Save Money and Enjoy the Sun

Spending the winter season in a warm place has always been popular among digital nomads and pensioners. But with rises in gas, energy, and food prices, saving money is even more important in the coming year. One of the best countries to head to is Egypt, and in this guide, we look at why.

The rising cost of living has caused major headaches for the people of many countries, particularly those in the west. The cost increases are causing many to ask, “Is there somewhere better I can be?” it seems that there is, and it’s Egypt, home to one of the world’s oldest advanced civilisations and the iconic pyramids.

For many years, the country has been drawing visitors from around the world; thanks to its low cost of living, it has now become a popular long-stay winter destination, with a one-month stay in a luxurious three or four-star-hotel costing less than living in the UK for the same amount of time.

Add a summer vibe with paradise beaches and inviting temperatures; Egypt makes for the perfect long-stay destination, and to help those seeking a winter escape, the Egyptian government is promoting and facilitating month-long stays at a wide variety of hotels.

A graphic detailing the difference in costs between the UK and Egypt

The calculation is simple – according to research collated by a variety of tour operators, a four-week winter sun stay costs, on average, £927 per couple. This includes £86 per person for a return flight, £21 per couple for a double room on a B&B basis in a three- or four-star hotel and £6.80 per person for a three-course dinner at a local restaurant.

In comparison, an average two-person household in the UK pays around £1,553 for gas, energy, food, and beverages a month during the winter in the UK (source NimbleFins and ONS

Amr El-Kady, CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Authority, said, “Egypt is always happy to welcome travellers from Europe. We are doing our best to make the stay as effortless and affordable as possible. This winter season, we invite you to spend the cold months under the kind Egyptian sun, saving the budget and filling life with fantastic new experiences”.

An aerial view of one of the country's luxury resorts

What does Egypt have to offer? Plenty.
From Cairo to Luxor, from the beguiling desert to the lush delta of the Nile: Egypt is a traveller’s dream. Whether diving into the rich underwater world of the Red Sea, sailing on the Nile towards the sunset or tracing the secrets of the ancient Egyptians in stunning temple complexes, the land of the pharaohs has something to offer to every visitor.

People admiring the Sphinx at the Giza complex

Among the most famous destinations is the capital Cairo, where you can immerse yourself in all eras of Egyptian history in the Egyptian Museum and visit the famous Pyramids of Giza with the impressive Sphinx and browse stalls selling all manner of exciting and intriguing goods.

People exploring one of the complexes at Luxor

Another highlight is the city of Luxor, which offers some spectacular wonders, that include the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Karnak, and the legendary Luxor Temple, which is one of the absolute must-sees on any trip and continues to enchant with ancient stories.

A cruise boat sailing down the Nile

If you prefer active and adventurous activities, you don’t have to look far. Egypt is not only a diver’s paradise but also offers desert excursions, Nile cruises and breathtaking landscapes such as the Colored Canyon National Park on the Sinai Peninsula. While ecotourism is becoming increasingly popular in the country and even spiritual tours are offered, Egypt is also known for particularly high-quality spa treatments.

Getting there
A variety of flight connections ensure a pleasant way to get there. There are direct flights to the spa resort of Hurghada (from London, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham), as well as to Sharm el Sheikh (from London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow).

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