How Electric Blinds Have Joined the UK’s Home Improvement Revolution

How Electric Blinds Have Joined the UK's Home Improvement Revolution

This year has seen millions of Brits falling back in love with their homes. The internet has experienced record numbers of people searching for ways to improve where they live, and one area that has seen a surge in searches is blinds, particularly electric versions.

While Google trends suggest that the term “blinds” has become a lot more popular in recent times – 42% more popular compared to July 2019, to be precise – more specific keywords have been quietly building up steam too, namely: “electric blinds” and “Alexa blinds”. These terms have seen a 122% increase in popularity year on year, and seem to suggest that it’s not just any old style of blinds that we’re after.

Blinds on the rise
So why have blinds seen such a boost in popularity? Is this all because of these lockdowns? What exactly is it about these periods that get us so transfixed on our window dressings? Let’s take a look:

  • More time spent at home: We’ve already covered this one. Homeowners have become more interested in what blinds they should have on their windows simply because they are getting to spend a great deal more time looking at them!
  • The rise of the home office: Since the first lockdown, working from home has become the norm, but not everyone has had the luxury of a home office ready and waiting for them. Most of us have had to create one on the fly, purchasing things here and there to help us combat the key issues: noise levels, discomfort and glare. To deal with the latter, of course, you need a good set of blinds.
  • Spring and summer heatwaves: Perhaps one of the most important reasons why blinds are becoming more popular is due to the relentless spring/summer heatwaves that we’ve been facing each year. Many British homes are not built to deal with some of the weather we’ve been experiencing, but having the right kind of blinds installed can make a huge difference.
  • Instagram and Pinterest: Thanks to the popularity of these two platforms, it’s never been easier to find interior design inspiration. We have access to thousands and thousands of gorgeous images and guides on how to make our homes look a certain way, and the right style of blinds are often an integral part of creating such a look.

So we’re starting to develop a picture of why blinds might be becoming more popular, and the purchases being made at retailers across the UK seem to corroborate this.

The luxury of having electric blinds

Ian Tuttle, director of Leicester-based company Fraser James Blinds, said; “We have seen a real increase in interest for made-to-measure blinds, shutters and awnings over the past couple of months, as people have started to spend more time in their homes and get a better idea of how they want them to look. Given how many people are now showcasing their homes on platforms like Instagram for everyone to see, interior design is a great way to express your identity to the world.”

Creating tomorrow’s home today
If we’ve learnt anything from the past decade, it’s that there aren’t many consumer products out there that can’t be made more desirable with a “smart” prefix. We have smart TVs, smart kettles, smart ovens, and the overarching concept that ties all of these things together – the smart home. We don’t just want products that work anymore; we want products that work without us having to lift a finger.

It’s quite clear, then, why Alexa blinds and electric blinds are becoming more popular each year: they are just one piece of the jigsaw we’re creating – the smart home.

Here’s what Kimberly Tuttle, director of Fraser James Blinds, had to say: “With the ever-changing tech industry, more and more people are opting for electric blinds that can be Alexa operated. New windows dressings are a quick and easy way to change the vibe of any room, and with electric blinds being so simple to install and operate, there’s no wonder why they have become more popular.”

About Fraser James Blinds
Fraser James Blinds are a leading supplier of made-to-measure blinds, electric blinds, shutters and awnings throughout Leicester, Coventry and Northampton. They offer a truly bespoke service, including an initial design consultation where you can view fabric samples in the comfort of your own home.

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How Electric Blinds Have Joined the UK's Home Improvement Revolution 2


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