Environmentally-friendly Natural Diamond Rings for Eco-Conscious Couples

Environmentally-friendly Natural Diamond Rings for Eco-Conscious Couples

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic month of the year when thousands will get down on one knee and propose with a ring. Now the traditional symbol of love, the ring, has taken on extra special meaning for many couples who want to remain true to their values of living a more sustainable life.

A leading British luxury jeweller and valuations expert has launched the country’s first range of environmentally-friendly natural diamond rings in a bid to reduce the carbon footprint of popping the question significantly.

Discerning Jewellery customers across the globe are now wanting to know where their stones came from – and the impact sourcing the gems has had on the environment. Couples hoping to get engaged without harming the planet can now get their hands on a natural diamond engagement ring with the smallest carbon footprint.

London based Prestige Valuations are the first company in Britain to offer fully sustainable, ethical natural diamond jewellery – from carbon neutral or negative mines that don’t harm the environment.

The diamond rings from Prestige Valuations

Their diamond engagement ring, set in Fairtrade gold, has sparkling environmental credentials and comes with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America proving the stone came from an ethical mine.

Even the gold used to house the gems comes from a certified Fair Trade source, meaning the environmental impact of the mining operations is minimal, without any exploitation of miners.

The first piece in this stunning collection is a modest 0.5-carat engagement ring, perfect for any environmentally-minded couple, and is priced at just £2,500 – only a couple of hundred pounds more than a traditionally-sourced ring.

A young couple shopping for an engagement ring

Tim Belson, MD of Hatton Garden-based Prestige Valuations, said: “We really wanted to see what we could do to make sure our customers could get the most environmentally sustainable jewellery possible.

“Lab-grown diamonds are often cited as being an eco-friendly alternative to natural stones, but they come with two key problems. Firstly, the outlay to begin producing diamonds in artificial circumstances is incredibly carbon-intensive. And secondly, while they are currently half the cost of natural stones, once the technology to create them gets better and more streamlined, manufactured diamonds will drop in price even further as they become more common.

“Natural stones will always hold their value because there will never be a convenient way to produce millions of carats of them. With this ring, we are offering our customers a unique opportunity to possess something that they know will hold its value, with the absolute minimum environmental impact. Our rings are an investment in the future of the environment and love.”

Prestige Valuations have been at the top of Britain’s diamond, jewellery, and valuation industry for 30 years, with London, Manchester, and Birmingham locations. They have used their considerable expertise sourcing the most environmentally sustainable natural stones.

The sustainable diamond itself comes from Diavik mine in Canada and is certified with a Diamond Origin Report – a special document that follows the gem from being dug out of the ground until it is skillfully set in a piece of jewellery.

The Diamond Origin Report provides detailed information on the environmental impact of the stone.

Tim added, “With the right mining techniques and practices, diamond mines are increasingly moving towards becoming carbon neutral, or even carbon negative. Kimberlite reacts when it is brought to the surface, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and trapping it within the rock. One day soon, even lab-grown stones will have a larger carbon footprint than mined diamonds.”

Domino Fairtrade gold comes from the Weston Beamor Group, which have a Certification by The Responsible Jewellery Council, the body in charge of integrity and sustainability within the fine jewellery and watch industry.

Tim said, “Gold mining can be an incredibly dangerous and damaging industry, with a high dependence on environment-harming chemicals and inhumane mining conditions. By using only Fairtrade gold, we can ensure that not only are the miners treated well but also the impact on the environment is minimal.”

The Diavik mine is in Canada’s Northwest Territories and is home to one of the world’s leading ‘green’ diamond mining operations.

The Diamond Origin Report, operated by the Gemological Institute of America, brings added transparency to the diamond supply chain. By connecting participating miners, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, the service ensures that expertly graded natural diamonds whose countries of origin have been scientifically confirmed reach the end consumer.

Tim said, “We hope these items of jewellery make people as happy as they have for us to make them.”

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