Farhad Re Unveils His Colourful & Reflective Spring Summer 2021 Collection

Farhad Re Unveils His Colourful & Reflective Spring Summer 2021 Collection

Farhad Re, the Italian born fashion designer, has unveiled his Spring-Summer collection based on his moods. He has projected onto the clothes an insight into his thoughts producing vivid and daring pieces.

I don’t confess to being an authority on Fashion. I like what I like and will tell you that. One of the best aspects about being a member of the Luxurious Magazine editorial team is I’ve never been told what to think or how to express my feelings, unlike other media companies that I’ve worked at in the past.

As with Art, Fashion is subjective; my opinion on a dress may well be completely different from the next person. It doesn’t mean either of us is wrong, just different.

Fashion Designer Farhad ReI had not heard of Farhad Re (right) until being sent information regarding his 2021 Spring-Summer collection. This is more of a reflection of my fashion knowledge and undoubtedly, his name will be recognisable to many.

Farhad was born in Rome and grew up going between Italy and France. He still travels and works in the two countries, creating Haute Couture pieces for celebrities, royalty, and ladies that jet-set worldwide.

Farhad Re boasts an impressive list of clients, including Catherine Deneuve, Ivana Trump, Joan Collins, Brigitte Nielsen, Ursula Undress, and Princess Soraya. One of the reasons why they adore his work is because it is modern and represents extreme luxury.

In the future, Farhad wants to create a range that redefines women. ‘Metrosexual-adolescents’ will enable adult ladies to stay looking youthful by wearing his clothes that young girls can also wear. He wants to remove the boundaries of clothing that confine peoples’ identities.

Farhad’s Womens’ accessory collection is all handcrafted in Italy, blending Casual with Couture. The epitome of splendour and elegance, like his dresses, is highly desirable amongst the rich and famous.

Galatea wearing a white and blue dress from the 2021 Summer collection

An insight into the Farhad Re RSpring Summer 2021 Collection
Farhad Re is creating a stir in the fashion world with his new collection. He began with a blank canvas on which he could show his emotions. Only six dresses are available through his Atelier (shop) in Paris, and their use of colours reflected the way he was feeling when designing them. The items in the collection use light, shadow and volume of colour throughout each piece. The vivid colours leap out at you and certainly grab ones’ attention.

Farad also embraced the modern-day trend of being as ecologically as friendly as possible with his designs. In keeping with this, he chose to use 100% vegetable and organic colouring.

Farhad Re Spring Summer 2021 Collection Green

Galatea is Farhad’s chosen model, and the collection tells a story of freedom. The dresses represent positivity coming out of crisis during the pandemic and Galatea’s lockdown experience.

Farah Re considers the lockdown period as monochrome and the finding of the vaccine as the colour. The change from lockdown to the discovery and implementation of the vaccine can be followed through the changes in the colours he’s used.

Galatea wearing the yellow dress from the 2021 Summer collection

Galatea finds love in the colour red and looks to the sky to see blue, the bright yellow sun. In the green, she sees hope and the world returning to normal.

I love colour as it brightens my mood when I see it on clothing, and especially in art. Monet is my favourite artist, and like Farhad, he used intense colours to grab the viewers’ attention.

The spring-summer 2021 collection from Farhad Re will delight many people, which is a good thing, but sadly the vast majority of the public will never afford a piece by him. At the start of this article, I stated I am not a fashion expert, but even I, as a middle-aged male, can appreciate his work.

Farhad Re – Where and How?

The Farhad Re Boutique can be found at Via Vittoria, 9, 00187 Roma RM, Italy and the Atelier is located at 14 Rue Chanoinesse, 75004 Paris, a short walk from Notre-Dame Cathedral. For more information on the designer and to view his full collections, please visit www.farhadre.fr.

Photography Greg Alexander.

Farhad Re Unveils His Colourful & Reflective Spring Summer 2021 Collection 2


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