Farino’s The Getaway, the Stylish New Top-Loading Carrier for Work & Travel

Farino's The Getaway, the Stylish New Top-Loading Carrier for Work & Travel

Recently, we’ve been seeing and experiencing a lot of innovation in the design world. One area we didn’t expect to see this is with cabin-sized bags; after all, they’ve pretty much remained the same for decades. Farino’s designers have thrown away the rule book and created something distinctly different called The Getaway, a carrier perfect for work, leisure and travel.

Farino is a British-based (London) designer work and travel brand founded by Paola Farino, which was launched at The London Design Fair. Like many in the British capital, Paola (below) went almost everywhere on foot and grew tired of carrying heavy items such as laptops, her last-minute shopping and sports gear. It reached the point that it was starting to have a detrimental impact on her physical health, particularly her shoulders, and she kept thinking that there must be an easier way.

One image showing aclose up view of the skate wheels and another of Paola, sitting in a chair next to her design

While she was on a business trip to Los Angeles, she had her ‘eureka moment’. She had recently purchased a new suitcase with spinner wheels and was amazed at how easy it was to manoeuvre. She wondered if she could incorporate the best features of a high-quality dedicated suitcase into a carrier that people could not only take on a plane but could also use in everyday life. It was these thoughts that became the catalyst for the Farino Carriers.

Farino’s latest model is called The Getaway, and it is a cabin-sized (29.5L) top-loading carrier. The carrier’s lightweight construction and clever design make it perfect for those heading off on a business trip or a short break wanting only to take hand luggage, and it doubles up as a handy carrier for all manner of items when out and about.

A montage of four images showing the carrier's practicality

The Getaway is made using neoprene, which is weatherproof, making it a godsend for those who have experienced Britain’s frequent rainy days. In addition to its rain-fighting ability, it also happens to be very durable.

Farino’s latest addition to its lineup is very practical; inside is a large pocket, it has a secure section at the back for a laptop, a zip-around opening at the top of the carrier, two outside pockets and a TSA-approved combination lock.

An image showing the front, back and side of the carrier and its aluminium frame

The Getaway uses a lightweight aluminium frame which brings the carrier’s weight down to under 3.5kgs, which is another major positive for frequent travellers. The carrier’s top-loading access is what separates The Getaway from all others and saves a lot of time when you need to find something, which should prove extremely useful when trying to get through airport security when you are in a hurry.

First impressions
The Getaway comes in a grey-coloured reusable non-woven drawstring bag and is smaller than one would imagine due to its collapsible sides. On either side of the carrier are popper buttons which, when released, transform it into a traditionally shaped cabin bag with a zippable top cover.

A woman moving a purple coloured carrier by its handle

It has a super-smooth adjustable 105cm T-bar handle built into the top of the aluminium frame, which is released via a button. Inside the carrier, I found the four individually wrapped 360° rotation wheels that I clipped into the four corners of the base’s frame. With the rollerblade-type wheels in place, I found it a doddle to move around; in fact, it’s rather fun giving it a gentle push and watching it glide away into the distance.

Regular readers will know that I am constantly advising people to spend a little bit more to ensure that they get quality and something that is built to last. I am pleased to say that The Getaway’s rollerblade wheels are strong enough to take the weight of a person, and the wheels come with a lifetime guarantee.

The peace of mind
Another major plus is Farino provides an additional two-year guarantee on all of its carriers, which covers defective materials and craft. If you discover a fault within two years (which starts from the date you receive it), Farino offers a free repair or replacement.

Tow girls each with a carrier, one using it by the handle, the other holding it in her hand

The Getaway has had a huge amount of attention paid to its design, and it shows. To my eyes, it doesn’t look like a traditional aircraft cabin case, so there will be no inquisitive looks when using it for everyday business work and personal use. With the festive season on the horizon, it should be the perfect gift for a friend or family member who sometimes jumps on a plane for business.

The new model is currently available in three colours: Air Force Blue, Purple and Black, with a choice of a Gunmetal Silver, Rose Gold or Black frame. Farino’s The Getaway is priced at £229 and is available to buy direct from www.carriedbyfarino.com or via from the retailer Wolf & Badger.

Key Features:
Inside pocket
Two outside pockets
Back laptop pocket (securable by combination padlock)
Inside top zip-around opening (securable by combination padlock)
TSA-approved combination lock (one supplied)
Frame: aluminium tubing
Bag: neoprene fabric and TPU design

Width – 35cm
Depth – 23cm
Height – 54cm (inc. wheels)
Height of extended handle – 105cm
Weight – 3.46kg
Capacity – 29.5L

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A blue coloured Farino The Getaway Carrier in a lobbyFarino's The Getaway, the Stylish New Top-Loading Carrier for Work & Travel 2

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