Florentine Kitchen Knives Introduces New Models to its F4 Collection

Florentine Kitchen Knives Introduces New Models to its F4 Collection

Florentine Kitchen Knives, makers of some of the finest handmade kitchen knives in the market today, will be adding a brand new slicer and bread knife to their current F4 range.

For those who may not be familiar with Florentine Kitchen Knives, they are a brand renowned for their uniquely styled, high-quality handmade cutting implements.

Two photographs, one of Tomer Botner and the other of Noam Blumenthal
Tomer Botner & Noam Blumenthal, founders of Florentine Kitchen Knives.

If you are expecting Florentine Kitchen Knives to be of Italian origin, you’d be wrong. In south-western Tel-Aviv is a neighbourhood called Florentin, and it is here that the husband and wife team of designers Tomer Botner & Noam Blumenthal started the business.

A peek inside the Florentine Kitchen Knives factory

In 2018, the company relocated to Barcelona, Spain. These new premises, which house the workshop, are open to the public, allowing visitors to learn about the processes and traditions involved in bespoke knife making.

Florentine Kitchen Knives range - photo by Salva Lopez

The eye-catching designs are inspired by both classic Eastern and Western forms and knife-making techniques. The results can best be described as Modern-Mediterranian-Middle-Eastern cutlery.

Their blades can be found on the tables of some of the world’s most renowned and innovative restaurants, in the most elegant kitchens, and also in the hands of top international chefs.

The brand’s current F4 collection by knifemaker Tomer Botner consists of Chef, Paring and Table models – all custom-made to each client’s preferences. Florentine is also planning to introduce a capsule collection a little later in 2020.

The F4 Bread Knife, available in both Florentine Kitchen Knives (FKK) signature stacked handle or scaled handle design, will have a serrated edge and a blade length of 27cm. Only available in stainless steel, it is perfect for all crumbly bakery goods and crusty loaves.

Florentine Kitchen Knives new F4 slicer

The F4 Slicer, also available in both handle types, has the additional custom element of either stainless or carbon steel. The length of the blade measures 27cm and is semi-flexible – perfect for meat, whether you’re filleting or wanting a thinly sliced side of Jamon. It’s ideal for thinner slices of fruit and vegetables, too.

The variants for all of FKK’s knives are as follows:

A top down view of one of the knives on a chopping board
Florentine Kitchen Knives 100mm paring knife.

Steel type: Clients can choose from a high-carbon Swedish stainless steel, a French high-carbon steel blade for all scaled knives and a high-carbon German steel for all stacked knives.

The carbon steel offers the additional customisation of a leopard or forced patina finish, oxidising the blade and forming a dappled or matte semi-protective coating.

Handle type: Clients can choose from either the stacked or scaled handle options. FKK’s signature stacked handle is formed from a series of black leather and coloured Micarta discs (a robust composite material of canvas and resin).

This gives a bold, striped effect that FKK is now famous for. Clients are also able to choose their preferred colourway of up to 8 colours.

The scaled handle option is more traditional but with an updated contemporary edge. Clients are able to choose from 7 various micarta handle scales or stabilised woods and a range of 8 different coloured micarta handle liners.

You can get more information on Florentine Kitchen Knives via their website www.florentinekitchenknives.com.

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Florentine Kitchen Knives Introduces New Models to its F4 Collection 2

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