Banwood’s Frida Jonsby on Why Adults Love to Make Nostalgic Purchases

Banwood's Frida Jonsby on Why Adults Love to Make Nostalgic Purchases

Frida Jonsby knows a thing or two about the power of nostalgic purchases for parents. She co-founded Banwood, the original classic designed kids’ bikes, trikes and scooters. You may know of them as the ‘ones with the cute wicker baskets’.

Nostalgia is a major driving force in the consumer world, and let’s be clear that it is not only parents who like to hark back to what they feel were better and simpler times; those who are not parents do so too. When they reach a certain age, many people often try to recreate their childhood through the purchase of nostalgic items.

In fact, we know of people who have spent eye-watering sums on buying items such as an original pristine version of their childhood bicycle and proudly display it on an expensive plinth or rare unopened toys to remind them of happier times.

The big problem for those trying to find the things that made them happy in their childhood is they are incredibly difficult to get hold of due to many others wanting to do the same. The only option for most is to purchase high-quality modern-day versions.

Someone who knows more than a thing or two about nostalgic purchases is Frida Jonsby, the Founder of Banwood. Frida adored her red, vintage childhood bike. When she looked to buy something similar for her little niece, there was nothing on the market, so she set about creating one, and this became the catalyst for Banwood.

A child riding a Banwood tricycle

The good old days
Frida says, “Parents want to take their children back to simpler times, before screen time, when kids yearned to get outside and play.”

Retro designed toys are a fast link to the past. Sales of Banwood’s classic kids’ vehicles have climbed steadily since launching in 2017. Parents have the purchasing power, and they want to buy a slice of simpler times for their children.

Children riding the company's retro inspired bicycles down a country lane

Nostalgically designed toys and activities are a fun way to recapture the innocent magic of childhood. Sales of outdoor activity toys surged during the pandemic, and getting children outdoors remains a high priority for parents.

Evoking nostalgia through the senses is key to Banwood’s ethos. Frida says, “One of my favourite words is ‘petrichor’, which describes the smell of the earth after it has rained when kids can go back outside and play.”

Children playing with their bicycle on the beach

Parents make eco-friendly choices
The current generation of parents is going through a ‘conscious uncoupling’ with plastic and returning to natural and sustainable materials when choosing toys. This encourages a natural shift to old-fashioned designs. There is a move away from disposable, cheap or poorly made toys in favour of well-designed items that will last for generations and not end up in a landfill.

Parents want toys that accessorise the home
There is also a matter of taste and trends. Even the tidiest family homes have toys out and about, and as we’ve mentioned earlier, some people choose to display their toys specifically for them and guests to admire.

Frida says: “Classic designs and natural materials look and feel great. They accessorise the home rather than create mountains of garish, plastic clutter.”

You can see the current range of Banwood products on their website

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A group of children with their Banwood bicycles

Photography courtesy of Banwood.Banwood's Frida Jonsby on Why Adults Love to Make Nostalgic Purchases 2


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