How to Create a Gallery Wall in the Home Like a Professional

How to Create a Professional Looking Gallery Wall in the Home

Art lover? Gallery walls are a great way to express yourself and display your art, even if you don’t have a lot of space. On just one wall, you can show multiple pieces of art in a creative and impactful way – and make your house feel like a gallery.

A house isn’t a home unless you’ve made it a little bit your own, and a wall full of your own art, photographs or children’s drawings can be a great addition to making it feel homely. Aster Homes have put together some great tips on making a gallery wall, just like a professional.

How and where to Start?
When getting started with an art gallery wall, don’t jump straight in. Take a step back, look at the space you’ve got available, and imagine what your finished wall will look like. It will help if you get all the pieces you have ready to go up on the wall to see what you’re working with. It’s also helpful to make a sketch to envision what you want the end product to look like; for some, a mental image may be enough.

Decide on a Theme
Whether it is choosing certain colours across some of your pieces or perhaps similar subjects, having a theme for your gallery wall can help make it cohesive. You can decide whether to put these pieces together to emphasise the theme or divide them up to carry the theme loosely through the larger piece. Even if there is no correlation between pieces – don’t worry; that’s fine.

Either way, considering these things before you start can affect the power and cohesion of the gallery wall.

An example of how you can arrange pictures on a wall in the homeYour gallery wall’s placement and design are very much up to you. If you like order and uniformity, it may suit you to align your art pieces in straight lines to form a grid. If you have pieces which differ in size, it may suit better to opt for a more staggered placement, creating a diamond or oblong shape by matching the smaller and larger pieces together.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to putting up your pieces; a collection of artwork and imagery is always going to look impressive, so however you place them, it’s sure to look great. Especially if you complete a sketch at the beginning, you can experiment with what you’re after before you start putting nails into the walls.

Expanding it Out
If you’re planning on expanding out your collection in the future, a good rule of thumb is to start your gallery in the centre of your wall. Doing this will allow it to look complete as it is aligned with the rest of the room and with the surrounding walls and lets you expand it out from the initial nucleus of pieces.

It’s a great option if you’re showcasing some of your kids’ drawings – as they get older, they may do more artwork which you want to display and this way, you can add it seamlessly with the rest of the wall.

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How to Create a Gallery Wall in the Home Like a Professional 2

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